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Man arrested for beheading

A 24-year-old man was arrested Thursday on suspicions of beheading a dog of a 17-year-old, and then sending the head of the dog back to the teenager.

The Star Tribune was quick to point out that they were not naming the name of the suspect, because he has not been charged yet. The suspect could be charged as early as today on charges of terrorist threats and animal cruelty.

The Pioneer Press identified the man as Anthony A. Gomez. For the past three weeks, Crystal Brown and her grandmother Shirley Brown have lived in fear of Gomez. According to Shirley Brown, the suspect and Crystal Brown were friends, but the suspect wanted to be her boyfriend.

The grandmother said she believed Gomez killed the dog since the day Crystal Brown found the box laying on the front steps back in February. Two weeks earlier, the dog had disappeared and couldn’t be found. There were candy hearts in a box along with the dog’s head.

Both papers commented on the national attention the story received. Cards and gifts have poured in from all over the world, from such places as Russia and Canada, and from numerous states in the U.S. America’s Most Wanted even posted the case on its website.

Shirley Brown said she had known Gomez since he was a child. Her grandchildren used to play with him. Gomez only lives two blocks away.

Gomez was convicted of fifth-degree assault in 2001 and second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon in 2005. Both cases occurred in St. Paul, the Pioneer Press reported.

The Star Tribune went into more detail on the story. It wasn’t a hard news type of story. It went into a lot of sentimental depth and used a lot of quotes. The Pioneer Press used a similar technique, but it was more of a hard-news story.