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A nationwide blackout occurred in Colombia on Thursday, with struggles to determine exactly why it happened.

President Alvaro Uribe said the blackout “appears to have affected the entire country.?

MSNBC.com reported that the blackout caused “chaos on urban streets.?

A manager of state-controlled electricity distributor ISA said that the power outage appears to have started with an undetermined technical glitch at a substation in Bogota. The outage quickly spread across the country soon after.

According to CNN.com, work crews had established power back to about 20 percent of the country. The goals are to reconnect the capital and other major cities in a few hours from when the articles were written.

The outage put-out traffic lights, suspended stock exchange trading and left people trapped in elevators, CNN reported.

There is no indication that this outage was a result of a terrorist attack.

According to CNN, leftist rebels have sabotaged transmission lines as part of their campaign to overthrow the government.

Both articles were written by the AP, so the differences were limited. They were basically the same in structure, content and style.