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Dog Ordinance passed

The St. Paul City Council approved an ordinance saying pet owners cited more than once for abusing or neglecting an animal cannot legally own another pet.

According to the Star Tribune, the ordinance is aimed at people who train dogs to fight, puppy mill operators and negligent pet owners.

The decision came just two days after a woman was attacked by two dogs on St. Paul’s East Side. On Friday, a 4-year-old girl in Minneapolis was bitten in the head by a pit bull while it was chained to a fence. She needed 13 stitches in her head.

In previous weeks, another woman nearly died after two dogs attacked her, and an 8-year-old boy in Minneapolis was attacked by an Akita that got loose from a local yard.

According to the Pioneer Press, one council member wants the ordinance to go even further to change state law to allow the city to prohibit entire breeds of dogs. Some disagree, saying it’s not the dogs themselves but the owners who cause the problems.

The ordinance, according to the Pioneer Press, is meant to address the problem when the city removes an abused dog or one that has been trained to fight; owners just buy a new one.

Pit Bulls are notoriously known to be the type of dog some owners train to attack. In all recent dog attacks, pit bulls have been involved in all but one.

The Pioneer Press also reported that similar “get-tough? dog laws are becoming more popular as states try to prevent the threat of dangerous dogs. Some states are pursuing criminal charges as well as financial charges, the PP said.

The Pioneer Press has much more detail on the attacks and the people involved in them in their article. They also have numerous quotes from the council, dog owners, shelter affiliates and people who were attacked. They also cited a Supreme Court case in California relating to the issue of dog control and attacks. The Star Tribune article was much shorter and included few quotes. It was more of an informative piece, while the PP took it to another level with detail.