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Fight occurs in middle of rush hour

Two women got out of their cars and fought Wednesday in the middle of a local freeway during rush hour.

According to the Star Tribune, the women threw punches and tossed items as they took up the center lane of westbound Interstate Hwy. 694 near the Mississippi River.

Other drivers attempted to drive around the scene until police arrived eight minutes later to stop the fight. The women were arrested by police. The fight caused traffic to be delayed an extra 20 minutes.

The Star Tribune said why the fight started is unknown. The two women were riding in the same vehicle, along with one other man.

The names of the women have not been released. According to the Star Tribune, they are from out of state. As of Thursday morning, the women had posted bail and had not been charged.

Police call this type of altercation a ‚Äúrolling domestic,‚Ä? which usually occur on the shoulder of roads, not in the middle.

The St. Paul Pioneer Press did not report on this incident.