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Massive accident

Snowy, icy roads caused a 70-car accident on Hwy. 169 at the Hopkins-Edina border late Wednesday, which sent two people to the hospital with critical injuries.

The large, chain-reaction crash occurred around 10 p.m., the Pioneer Press reported.

The Pioneer Press also reported that the two injured were pedestrians. Several other people involved suffered minor injuries. At the time of the Press article, the state patrol said it was unknown which vehicle or vehicles started the crash, as well as which car struck the pedestrians.

The Star Tribune did a follow-up story, focusing on a couple and other people who were involved in the crash. The Tribune reported that vehicles involved reached more than 60.

According to the Tribune, the two victims had been in a crash on the bridge and had stepped out to flag down passing vehicles, then were hit, the state patrol said. They were then thrown off the overpass, where they were found 20 to 30 feet below in a grassy area by rescue workers.

The two victims were Melanie M. Thompson, 37, of Minneapolis, and Leonard Taylor, 47. On Thursday night, Thompson was listed in satisfactory condition. Taylor was listed in serious condition.

The massive pile-up of vehicles may be the largest multi-vehicles crash in Minnesota in a generation, the Star Tribune reported.