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Kansas hit by tornado

A large tornado killed at least nine people and destroyed everything in its path in Kansas on Friday.

Greensburg, Kansas was hit the hardest. According to the Red Cross, about 90 percent of the town was destroyed or heavily damaged. Hundreds of residents were taken to shelters in schools and other facilities in neighboring towns.

MSNBC.com reported that at least 50 people had been taken to hospitals. One of the victims who died was a sheriff’s deputy.

The twister was estimated to be at least a half-mile wide. Two smaller tornadoes followed the original, larger twister. The storm system then moved on into parts of Nebraska and the Dakotas, as forecasters tried to track it Saturday afternoon.

The weather service reported a tornado in Greensburg about 9:30 p.m., Friday night. CNN said its meteorologist Reynolds Wolf said warning sirens alerted most residents to take cover.

Greensburg had no electricity, gas or running water, and at least 400 of the less than 2,000 residents were in shelters, CNN.com reported.40 members of the Kansas National Guard were sent to Greensburg to help with security, and searched houses for people trapped under rubble.

Rescue crews have pulled some people alive and more are expected to be found on Saturday and Sunday, CNN.com said.

The storm caused a collapse of one wing of Kiowa County Memorial Hospital, which trapped 30 people who were later rescued with minor injuries.