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Rollar Coaster Accident

A roller coaster in Japan hit a guardrail at an amusement park Saturday, killing one person and injuring another 21.

MSNBC.com said the roller coaster was traveling at 46 mph. Of the injured, two suffered serious injuries, and 12 people who saw the accident were taken to a hospital after they complained of feeling ill.

According to reports, an axle on one of the six cars broke during a ride, causing the accident. The ride could hold up to 24 passengers.

The accident occurred amidst Japan’s “Golden Week? holiday, in which many families attend amusement parks and other tourist sites, the Star Tribune said.

The park, called Expoland, was closed immediately following the accident. It has been in operation since 1970.

No further information about previous accidents or lack of accidents were provided in the articles.