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Shots were offered starting at noon Saturday to a potential 1,500 people who may have been exposed to hepatitis A at a Minnesotan resturant earlier this week.

The Pioneer Press reported that another 200 people were given shots Saturday morning, bringing the total number of people to around 1,800. The Pioneer Press also reported that there was a third case of Hepatitis A confirmed on Friday.

The Pizza Ranch in Slayton closed on Tuesday after tests showed that two employees were infected, according to the Star Tribune. The shots are being offered to customers who ate there or at catered events from April 20 to May 1.

Shots are available at the Murray County Fairgrounds in Slayton.

There has been no indication that any paying customers had been infected, the Tribune said.

Health officials plan to offer all customers and employees shots that can prevent infection up to 14 days after exposure. The shots use immune globulin.

The Star Tribune said that Hepatitis A is caused by a virus found in feces, and is commonly spread through eating food or drinking beverages.

Local health officials hope to have more test results on other employees as early as Saturday. There are around 20 people that work at the resturant.

The Star Tribune also reported that this breakout of Hepatitis A has been the first in seven years that it has been traced to a restuartant. In 2000, an outbreak occurred at a bar in Little Canada and sickened several dozen people.
Annual cases of hepatitis have dropped since the 1990s, when they numbered in the hundreds, to 36 in 2005, the Star Tribune reported.