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March 6, 2008

Blog Prompt 5 - Built Environment

So, it took me three bowls of honey nut cheerios and a few glasses of juice, but here I am, wednesday night, writing my blog. This one seems hard to me, but, don't they all? And then I got to thinking.. and damn that juice is good.

This one actually suddenly comes natural. I guess I kind of oppose this blog prompt, because it really isn't the environment that supports us. We were born in a place; this place, be Minnesota, another state, or another country, is where we were raised. We were all raised somewhere. And thus we adapted. We adapted to our environment, no matter where it be, just by growing. And of course, if you leave and move elsewhere, you will still learn to adapt. And if you oppose or have troubles adapting, you may move somewhere else, or back home. So how does the environment affect us? If you cannot learn to adapt, you will not survive. So, I am puzzled.

Of course, the environment affects us in one way or another. But I think "support" and "detract" are the wrong words. The correct, I do not know. My example is Duluth. A million times I've talked about UMD, but I had a very love/hate relationship with the place. I live in MN, so naturally I know cold, but "Duluth" cold is different. I had to move my car in the middle of a blizzard with 50 mile an hour winds, and got windburn in my face. Hate. The whole town is old, rundown, and has nothing to do. Hate. Did I mention the cold? Hate. But on a sunny day, driving down that hill, looking towards Lake Superior, endless, and sparkling? LOVE But this hill, and this lake were not "built." The aged, ugly houses, yes. Canal Park, one of the town's only treasures, yes. The badly constructed sidestreets on which I lived, yes. West Duluth, home to nothing, yes. And to answer this question as best as I can, this town detracted everything I loved about architecture, life, and the weather, from me.

I know that this doesn't directly correlate with Duluth, but for me it does. 35 North. The single highway I drive two hours home, or two hours back to Duluth. And to think of the frameworks, I think of the road signs, stationed every so many miles, and after making the trip so many times, you know them by heart. You know the time it takes to get from one to the next, as a whole, the time it takes to get to Duluth. You can look at your clock here, and know what time you will arrive there. And for the phenomenon, just watch a sunset. It will solidify everything, and you will understand how I cannot fully hate Duluth.