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Climate, really?

I spent the day at the Republican Hennepin County endorsement convention. On the table was a sheet talking about climate change and what it really is. Not once was this issue even mentioned in the whole of the "meeting" so i brought it up with the people at my table. The only thing that they continued to talk about was that conservatives are always portrayed in a light that we dont help the environment at all and that we know this to be otherwise untrue. We push for bills to help. We each do our own part out in the community. I was arguing for all the good things that I know we do. Then, as i was leaving, I saw a man throw a stack of paper into the garbage. I was so tempted to go in after that stack of paper to find a recycling bin. You would think if somebody just read about the climate, then they would be more concerned with things like this. Some effort was being made here, but not enough.