September 26, 2008

Week 3?

I love my job! I work about 50 hours this week and I was still trying to pick up a shift today. I only didn't because I didn't have the white shoes on me or in my locker, sadly. But I am always peeking my head into the glow cage when I don't work glow cuz the people are so cool. We had the CP blast off party last night and the whole glow team(almost) got together to try to ride a few rides while we had the chance. Mostly we only got on Astro-Orbiter together and we were all sitting 2 to a rocket. Today I went to the Tinkerbell movie preview and got to meet the director, producer and another person from it. Then I went to the Adventureland/Pirates merch halloween food eatery thingy where i got to eat more mickey mouse ice creams. The Food and Wine Festival over at Epcot was previewed today so I ended up there for awhile with a couple roommates. Then I went to PI to take some pictures before it closes. I was just all over the place during my one day off. Tomorrow I get to work Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party and the following day I have a double, doing the very last Sqeeze Breeze shift of the year. Next week my hours go down so much though because I'm in glow and we can't really do doubles since the SB are gone. I don't know what I'll do with my time off. Hopefully I'll get to hang with others from the glow team cuz they won't have many hours either. I just love work!!

September 10, 2008

Week 1

I've been here for a week and it already feels like a month. My roommates are generally pretty cool except for one that is insanely loud. Like wow. She is hilarious when I'm not trying to sleep. Then I just want to strangle her. My actual room roommate sleeps so soundly and never moves. Its awesome. But seriously on the rest that are loud out there. And there are a group of guys who live below us that like to party a lot. I'm just so annoyed by the noise.
Anyway, I live in Chatham on the 3rd floor in a 3 bedroom apartment. So I pretty much am where i wanted to be. I also work at the Magic Kingdom. I am merchandise in Adventureland which includes Pirates of the Caribbean. So one day I wear a silk pajama/balloon pants costume and another day I'm a pirate with a sweet vest. But today I found out that I have a third costume. This one I wear when i do glow or squeeze which is, at night, selling all those light up toys, and in the day its selling those water fan thingys. The costume is very white and I need white shoes for it by Saturday. I work every day until then so have no time to actually get shoes. It doesnt sound very good. They cant yell at me if i have none. Considereing how much time i spent looking for black shoes, it aint gonna happen.
I also have only been to one park since i got down here. I went to MGM on monday which was my first day off. I've had no chance to go anywhere else cuz i was shopping for shoes. I hate shoes.
I also had to drop my physics class cuz there was virtually no way to actually take it while down here. So now I'll be behind credits.
And the loud one gave her phone number to her whole enterage so we are all taking messages for her when she is gone. Oh and llike there is no freezer space or fridge cuz certain people take up most of it. Then the pantry is full and the cupboards are overflowing. Its just not good. Its amazing how much someone can hate a place they love. At least I work more evening time than morning. I start tomorrow at 11. The next day at 10. The following at 16.
9yea i have to learn military time.)
But at least i get cable. I think so far thats the only perk since ive only been to one park so far. I need to get to pleasure island more. And it all sucks cuz i had one friend coming into this and he is leaving in a week.

May 23, 2008

Ramble Along

I've decided I want Chatham. I don't know if I will get it, but I am positive I want that complex. Its within walking distance of places I would want to go, like the Catholic church and an actual grocery store. Now, thats a problem that I'll have to deal with cuz i'm starting to think I won't be driving down. I'll miss my van quite a bit, but it will be a lot cheaper this way. That means I'm going to have to fit my life into one suitcase under 50 lbs and one carry-on. I don't think I can do it but I'll have to. So thats just clothes and essentials I guess. I won't be getting any bedding now until I get down there. And I'll have to get a plane ticket. It will be less expenseive than gas but it won't get me there on time unless I go the day before in which case I'll have to get a hotel room. Dang decisions. The only thing that I know I'll have to take is my glove and a ball. That will be a for sure extra on top of clothes. I can always have things shipped to me too, but I'll have to wait until I have a room because I don't have an address until then.

The latest decision I had to make was whether or not to buy national treasure 2 haha. Actually, I still have to decide about the State Convention but oh well. I'm more excited about Disney. I want to be down there now. The Fall Advantage people are all going down now. It makes me want to be amoung them consdiering I've been getting to know a few of them, but thats alright. I have a few others who will be going in August that I will know. I'm nervous about some of the stuff still, and would like to know more, but since its still aways away, I won't be finding out much more.

There really hasn't been a lot thats new considering its so far away. Just thought I'd add a few of my thoughts up to this to show I havn't forgotten that I said i would blog.

May 2, 2008


I'm trying to decide which apartment complex I should live in. There are two open right now, Vista Way and Chatham Square. Patterson is due to open in May, although nobody is sure which group will be the first to be able to live there. The only thing that would draw me to Patterson is the fact that its new. Nobody else would have lived there so everything would still be really clean; nothing smelly. So it would be nice.
I originally had decided on Vista Way becuase its older, therefore its cheaper, but that also means its a little crappier. If your bedroom has your own room, you end up having the sink pretty much in your room because its like motels where its not in the bathroom. That would be more convenient, but I dont know that I would like that. Its kinda wierd. Chatham has nicer bathrooms overall, and they aren't as tiny/cramped as the space for VIsta Way; they actualy have counter space.
The dining space in Vista Way is on tile, where in Chatham its on the carpet. The carpet isn't fluffy or anything, kind of like school floors. The carpets probably are full of dirt, where the tile can be cleaned a bit easier. Either way, the bedrooms are carpeted and probably really dirty. Thats why Patterson would be a good choice. I'm pretty sure I'm just going to have to learn to deal with dirt.
Now, on the outside, I’m thinking Vista Way is better, but I’m not sure. It does have more trees and walking paths. It seems like there you could just go outside and sit by a tree on a nice day and read. While at Chatham, there aren’t any nice grassy “go outside and sit? places. But Chatham does have areas of large patches of grass where I could play catch without hitting the trees. Trees can become very tiresome while playing catch as we learned in Mankato. Still, I’m sure I could find a patch of clear space at Vista Way. Either way, here are satellite pictures of the two places. The black line around each area shows where the fences are. There are gates at the entrances where you have to show and ID to get in.
This is Chatham Square.
This is Vista Way
The other thing about Chatham is that its right across the street from the Cast Members only place. Its an area with a softball field, a couple tennis courts, a couple basketball courts, a pool, and a beach. Vista Way has a tennis court, a basketball court, and two pools, but Chatham has a beach volleyball court, a pool, a couple tennis courts, and faster access to the area with the field.

This shows Chatham at the bottom. Across the street to the north is the cast member area. To the north of that is The Commons, which is an apartment complex for international students only. Patterson is to the east of the cast member area. Vista Way is closer to the parks. It is right across I-4 from Downtown Disney.
Right now, it seems that Chatham would be my choice, I just would be missing out on the areas to just sit by a tree. I do enjoy that, but really, how much would I do it? But then again, I’d much rather walk out onto a grassy area than into a parking lot.
Oh, and Chatham has a balcony or terrace where Vista Way doesn’t, unless your on the bottom level. I would actually prefer the top level(I’m a little odd like that), but I don’t actually mind either way.

These are all things I found out through my own research. The College Program Site has some pictures of the apartments, but they aren’t that great.
This is what they both have:
Here is a list of amenities included in the housing costs for every participant:
• Fully furnished apartment
• Kitchen appliances, utensils, and dishes
• Wireless Internet Lounge, Clubroom Thirteen501
• Local phone service and one central phone
• Maintenance of the apartments, including pest control
• All utilities, including water, electricity, waste disposal
• High-speed Internet access in all apartments
• Computer labs
• Laundry facilities
• 24-hour security
• Cable television
• Swimming pools and hot tubs
• Weight rooms
• Tennis, basketball and racquetball courts

So, yea haha. I have a couple of months to choose, unless the Roommate Notification starts working. Since I have to live with a roommate, I have the option of having a computer match me up, trying to find one myself, or waiting until I get down there and hoping for the best. Anyway, that’s the deal with housing.

May 1, 2008

Yay, stuff!

I went to Target yesterday becuase Jennifer had an added percent off. I still don't know whether or not I will be driving, so I can't get a lot of stuff, but I konw I'll be needing a few things, so I'll get that stuff. I ended up getting a pillow. I guess I didnt really need a new pillow, but it was $3.50 and was actually not crappy. I want more than one pillow, and I do really only have one right now, besides the body pillow, so I thought it was a good idea.
I ended up getting some hot pink sheets. They are cotten and warmish so they probably aren't the best for Florida. If i find something in the same color, I'll probably end up returning these. They also weren't that cheap but oh well. They matched the pillow I really wanted. It is hot pink with a brown colors on it. The design is a sillouetted surfer girl! So I might have the basics for my bed. I'm going to need either a blanket or a comforter for it still. I might just go with my Mexico blanket, but it isnt the right color for my hot pink/brown theme. The Fela rose is hot pink which will look good. The Atztec sun calendar of cow bone will fit well. I'm not sure how the rest of the picture frames and stuff will fit because they aren't really of the right color or style but i'll get it to work out.
I also ended up getting a cd case thingy. It holds 64 cds/dvds. Thats not nearly enough, but i didn't like the one that held 96 bc it was too flimsy. I also dont like the ones that have 4 cd spots on one side of the page. I ended up putting all my non-disney, non-tv show dvds in this one. I'm oddly excited about it. I'm gonna end up getting 2 more so that i have one for disney movies and one for tv shows. I'm not sure if I'll need two for disney movies because most of the animated ones are 2-disc sets. Yes, I'm a dork haha but I love my movies. Its just a very big collection.
I'm so excited about putting together stuff!

April 29, 2008


I've been watching a lot of vlogs lately and have read a few blogs. Since I'm so super excited to go on the WDW CP I figured instead of continually annoying everybody, I might as well write it down. Also that way I'll be able to inform people of what I'm doing while I'm actually in Florida, that is if i have time.
So I guess to start out, I didn't even plan on going down this fall. I didn't want to miss Christmas and all the fun that goes with it. Anyway, I was in Medieval History and was getting really bored. Figuring that I wasn't going to miss anything by skipping, I decided to walk over to the Disney College Program presentation. There were maybe eight people at the presentation. Afterwards, I ended up talking to one of the Campus Reps about everything. When I was getting ready to leave, about an hour after the presentation ended, the presenter asked why I wasn't scheduling an interview. I told her that I really didnt want to do it in the fall. She convinced me that since I could still decline if I got accepted, that I should just do it to see what it was like. I figured by applying at least I would find out if i was going to get in or not.
I had my interview scheduled for that friday, but when my interviewer called, she said they couldn't find my application and would have to reschedule the interview. I was so prepaired at that point but couldnt really argue so the interview was rescheduled for Sunday. That time, they still didnt have my application but allowed me to interview anyway. I didnt think this interview went as well as my first one, but it was pretty good.
Over the next couple days, I kept getting calls from my recruiter trying to get more information so that they could find my application. Finally, I got an email saying they had recieved it. I kept thinking that if this is how work it is going to be the whole time, then i really dont want to be a part of it.
Still, I was somewhat nervous about getting accepted considering the fun, tiny letter I got last time.
I went to Mankato over spring break and when I got back, the day before Easter, there was a large envelope waiting for me that had "disney college program" in the return address place. I knew I had been accepted at that point. The next question was as to what position I had been accepted into. I opened it hoping for attractions, considring that was my first choice. When I saw "merchandise," I was so saddened.
At that point I decided I wasn't going to go. Keep in mind that throughout this whole process I was only doing it for the fun, and to see what I would get.
For some reason, I kept thinking about if I really should do it. Some people were very insistant that I do it becuase its what i had been dreaming of, even if everything didnt line up perfectly. Others were saying for me to wait and that they would go with me later on. I found all these reasons not to go, and even convinced those who said i had to go that it would be stpuid to go. Yet I kept being unsure. The whole time I was in Mexico, I kept thinking how much more fun disney would be than school. I was having a hard time paying attention to school, so Disney was looking that much more appealing.
The day after I got back from Mexico, I was on the website because I decided that was the day I had to accept or decline. I wanted to know what the dates were, and decided that if I saw a date late enough so that I could go to the Republican National Convention, then I would go. I kept clicking accept, accpet, i agree, blablabla. I saw a date Sept 3-Jan 9. Hmm. That didn't really give me much tme for the convention, but for some reason i found myslef clicking accept anyway.
I went downstairs and my mom asked what was up. I just kinda was like nothing really and oh btw I need to be in Florida on Sept 3rd. She was like uh what now. I just laughed a bit and was like yea so i guess i accepted. Right afterward I paid the fee. I tried to get into the roommate notification process, but I cant because there aren't enough people. But now i've been meeting ppl who are going down and getting really exicted. The next step is to decide whether or not to drive down. Do i bring Van or not? I dont know. Also going to try to live in Chatham with 2-4 bedrooms. We will see.
I'm Going To Disney World and working in Merchandise.