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Common Bond

I've only volunteered at my location twice, but already I've experienced something interesting. The environment at CommonBond is really awesome, the people were very helpful when I got lost in the tower. The layout of that building is messed up. My first experience as a homework center tutor was good: my supervisor said not to be discouraged if people didn't come to me the first night. He said sometimes it took a while for people to recognize you and ask for help. Seemed normal to me, trust takes time sometimes. My experience was exactly the opposite, though! I was ready to kinda kick back and relax, thinking that people wouldn't want/need my help. Little did I know!
It was so amazing how I felt like I fit in there. Right at six o'clock, a man was asking me for help with his sentence structure. How cool is that...
The second night was a little different, though. I didn't help anyone! The two women who needed help were learning English, and could not understand a word I said, and vice versa. Thankfully, another tutor who is Somali by descent came and helped. In turn, I ended up sitting for two hours. I hadn't brought any homework, because I thought it'd be swamped like the week previously! Haha..I guess I'll need to be ready for whatever comes.