March 5, 2008

Common Bond

I've only volunteered at my location twice, but already I've experienced something interesting. The environment at CommonBond is really awesome, the people were very helpful when I got lost in the tower. The layout of that building is messed up. My first experience as a homework center tutor was good: my supervisor said not to be discouraged if people didn't come to me the first night. He said sometimes it took a while for people to recognize you and ask for help. Seemed normal to me, trust takes time sometimes. My experience was exactly the opposite, though! I was ready to kinda kick back and relax, thinking that people wouldn't want/need my help. Little did I know!
It was so amazing how I felt like I fit in there. Right at six o'clock, a man was asking me for help with his sentence structure. How cool is that...
The second night was a little different, though. I didn't help anyone! The two women who needed help were learning English, and could not understand a word I said, and vice versa. Thankfully, another tutor who is Somali by descent came and helped. In turn, I ended up sitting for two hours. I hadn't brought any homework, because I thought it'd be swamped like the week previously! Haha..I guess I'll need to be ready for whatever comes.