May 10, 2008

Avett Brothers Wrap-up

Avett Brothers 5-8 029.JPG

The concert was absolutely amazing. Pretty Girl from Chile was the final song and as always it went fucking crazy. Sooo Hannah and I are going to pile into the car on Tuesday for a mini road trip to see the band again. In Des, Moines, Iowa. First time to Iowa for me. This will be my 8th time seeing the brothers. Certainly not the last either.

Blue Heron Music Festival July 4-6 2008 in Sherman, NY. I should start counting down already.

May 6, 2008

My '63 Ford Galaxy's a Bull

I have been waiting for this day all year.
Thursday May 8, 2008
9pm @ the Cabooze
THE AVETT BROTHERS w/ Jessica Lee Mayfield aka Chittlin'

April 29, 2008

Two and a half hours

So last night close to 3 hours was spent just on the sex education amendment to Rep. Mariani's Education Policy bill. It was crazy but the more I watch the footage the more I respect Rep. Walker. There are so many moments in this video that drove me up the wall because of some representative's ignorance. However, whenever she spoke I was just blown away, especially when she stated she was proud of her GLBT community in her district. She had to withdraw and amendement including "committed relationships" when Rep. Sandra Erickson amended the amendment and included marriage. Here's the video:

April 16, 2008

HF 615 Update and more

Today HF 615—the Responsible Sex Ed Bill was heard in the Finance Committee. I waited three hours to hear the bill. Three hours of Finance Committee, like I didn’t have other things to do but learn about car air conditioning provisions.

Anyway Rep. Kahn added an Amendment to the bill that information regarding the HPV vaccine is made available through the education. The main opposition to this bill in the finance committee was Rep. Severson who kept talking about “unfunded mandates.? It would cost I believe it was $105 per school district to update their curriculum. It’s a worthy investment.

The bill is up in the Ways and Means Committee Thursday morning at 8 am. I am trying to work it out so I can go. That means I will be at the Capitol three straight days. It would have been four but I called out on Monday.

Apparently I worked a full 40 hours last week, wrote a 15 page research paper, a 5 page mini-paper for Queering Theory, and filmed and edited my GWSS portrait. I kind of rocked it out last week. Not going to lie. But Thursday is the only day left this week I have to work. I just got done closing for the 6th night in a row. Plus I got asked to cover a shift on Thursday so I am working 1:30-11:45. I look forward to my weekend. Thoroughly.


I think many people think I'm crazy when I tell them that drug lords were involved in the food riots and a lot of the unhappy people want Aristide back.

April 14, 2008

Here was my video

This was a project I did for my feminist media making class and thought it would do well in my internship journal too!

April 11, 2008

Haiti Update--mom and pops version

My mother emailed me last night. Things are calming down according to her. It's funny because the news report that NBC ran made it sound like it was still extremely unsafe and that people were skeptic about the violence ending. She went to Universa (which is a small grocery store) and said there wasn't much food there because they didn't get any orders. Nothing there was damaged and I was told the two main grocery stores in PAP were fine too, along with the Epidor! Which I was relieved. My mom said that they expected to open thie clinic today and the tap-taps should be running. Hopefully, things will calm down but in way they shouldn't This isn't a problem that will go away once the violence stops. Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. I wish I could fathom an answer to this problem but its just so beyond my thought process and everyday life. It just bllows me away.

Avett Awesomeness

How sweet is this video, eh? Avett Brothers--May 8th at the Cabooze.

April 9, 2008



Thousands of people have been rioting in the streets of Port au Prince, Haiti. How much do we know about this here in the US? I had to put a search in on No headline. No flashy photos. Maybe if we ignore the problem, it will go away. Instead we shell out millions of dollars on a US Embassy in Haiti. 80% of the population lives off of $2 a day or less. And I bitch about rising cost of eggs.

April 8, 2008

This past Sunday

The everybodyfields played at the Cedar Cultural Center this past Sunday opening for Tift Merrit. I wasn't really impressed with her but I really enjoyed the everybodyfields. I love that the music I have grown into is so accessible and still is brilliant and honest, simply put. Here's an interview with Sam and Jill, enjoy.


I forgot to mention that there was a turkey today outside Rep. Walker's window. A turkey, on the 5th floor. I left around noon and it was making its way around on the building on the ledge. I'll keep you posted on the bird's status.


Here is the link to the article

"Here's another myth: that young women are as eager to hop in the sack as young men."

And I quote of course. This all comes from Katherine Kirsten's article in the Star Tribune. I believe it ran today (Monday) however, I found out about it online.

First off, not to knock Ms. Ross but there is no credible evidence to support Kersten's claims that she makes throughout the article. Let's see there's, "Women have more to lose from sex -- especially casual sex -- than men" and my favorite, "It's far from liberating to be at the mercy of frenzied adolescent impulses." Not only does Kersten's argument go unsupported its simply insulting to men, women, and college students. Guys are not hormone-driven who grope women at frat parties. Women (and college aged people) are able to make decisions regarding sex. Authority figures are far from pushing safe sex on our generation. PLEASE.

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April 1, 2008

$15 Million Dollar Question

Just think how many people could keep their jobs if Katie Couric took a pay cut.

She's great, she's whatever. But her salary is outrageous.

HF 615

Well I don't think I have updated my internship journal about what exactly is going on in the House with the Sex ed bill. Right now the bill is still in committee in the House. It was picked up as last year's number since session is starting to wind down already and so they just amended it to include the language of this year’s bill. It is in an omnibus bill in the Senate with other education adjustments.

What I have been doing lately is preparing information in the eyes of the opposition. Today I had to create a biography of Dr. Michael Resnick who was the head researcher for the recent survey concerning sex education and Minnesota parents. 89% of parents want comprehensive sex education the study shows. So I had to make up an info sheet as to why we should count this guys research. The fact that he been the key author for grants in the billions of dollars and has published more than 140 articles, yea I do trust his research. I also had to find out if there had ever been any contestation over UMN research. To my delight there was a study done that Minnesota Representatives and State Senators trust UMN research because it is unbiased and state funded. There was a little bit of "liberal leanings" expressed by some but not enough to discredit research. Before the bill gets to the floor I think Kate and I will probably come up with questions that the opposition will attack Rep. Walker with and prepare responses just in case.