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HF 615 Update and more

Today HF 615—the Responsible Sex Ed Bill was heard in the Finance Committee. I waited three hours to hear the bill. Three hours of Finance Committee, like I didn’t have other things to do but learn about car air conditioning provisions.

Anyway Rep. Kahn added an Amendment to the bill that information regarding the HPV vaccine is made available through the education. The main opposition to this bill in the finance committee was Rep. Severson who kept talking about “unfunded mandates.? It would cost I believe it was $105 per school district to update their curriculum. It’s a worthy investment.

The bill is up in the Ways and Means Committee Thursday morning at 8 am. I am trying to work it out so I can go. That means I will be at the Capitol three straight days. It would have been four but I called out on Monday.

Apparently I worked a full 40 hours last week, wrote a 15 page research paper, a 5 page mini-paper for Queering Theory, and filmed and edited my GWSS portrait. I kind of rocked it out last week. Not going to lie. But Thursday is the only day left this week I have to work. I just got done closing for the 6th night in a row. Plus I got asked to cover a shift on Thursday so I am working 1:30-11:45. I look forward to my weekend. Thoroughly.