April 29, 2008

Two and a half hours

So last night close to 3 hours was spent just on the sex education amendment to Rep. Mariani's Education Policy bill. It was crazy but the more I watch the footage the more I respect Rep. Walker. There are so many moments in this video that drove me up the wall because of some representative's ignorance. However, whenever she spoke I was just blown away, especially when she stated she was proud of her GLBT community in her district. She had to withdraw and amendement including "committed relationships" when Rep. Sandra Erickson amended the amendment and included marriage. Here's the video:

April 16, 2008

HF 615 Update and more

Today HF 615—the Responsible Sex Ed Bill was heard in the Finance Committee. I waited three hours to hear the bill. Three hours of Finance Committee, like I didn’t have other things to do but learn about car air conditioning provisions.

Anyway Rep. Kahn added an Amendment to the bill that information regarding the HPV vaccine is made available through the education. The main opposition to this bill in the finance committee was Rep. Severson who kept talking about “unfunded mandates.? It would cost I believe it was $105 per school district to update their curriculum. It’s a worthy investment.

The bill is up in the Ways and Means Committee Thursday morning at 8 am. I am trying to work it out so I can go. That means I will be at the Capitol three straight days. It would have been four but I called out on Monday.

Apparently I worked a full 40 hours last week, wrote a 15 page research paper, a 5 page mini-paper for Queering Theory, and filmed and edited my GWSS portrait. I kind of rocked it out last week. Not going to lie. But Thursday is the only day left this week I have to work. I just got done closing for the 6th night in a row. Plus I got asked to cover a shift on Thursday so I am working 1:30-11:45. I look forward to my weekend. Thoroughly.

April 14, 2008

Here was my video

This was a project I did for my feminist media making class and thought it would do well in my internship journal too!

April 8, 2008


I forgot to mention that there was a turkey today outside Rep. Walker's window. A turkey, on the 5th floor. I left around noon and it was making its way around on the building on the ledge. I'll keep you posted on the bird's status.


Here is the link to the article

"Here's another myth: that young women are as eager to hop in the sack as young men."

And I quote of course. This all comes from Katherine Kirsten's article in the Star Tribune. I believe it ran today (Monday) however, I found out about it online.

First off, not to knock Ms. Ross but there is no credible evidence to support Kersten's claims that she makes throughout the article. Let's see there's, "Women have more to lose from sex -- especially casual sex -- than men" and my favorite, "It's far from liberating to be at the mercy of frenzied adolescent impulses." Not only does Kersten's argument go unsupported its simply insulting to men, women, and college students. Guys are not hormone-driven who grope women at frat parties. Women (and college aged people) are able to make decisions regarding sex. Authority figures are far from pushing safe sex on our generation. PLEASE.

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April 1, 2008

HF 615

Well I don't think I have updated my internship journal about what exactly is going on in the House with the Sex ed bill. Right now the bill is still in committee in the House. It was picked up as last year's number since session is starting to wind down already and so they just amended it to include the language of this year’s bill. It is in an omnibus bill in the Senate with other education adjustments.

What I have been doing lately is preparing information in the eyes of the opposition. Today I had to create a biography of Dr. Michael Resnick who was the head researcher for the recent survey concerning sex education and Minnesota parents. 89% of parents want comprehensive sex education the study shows. So I had to make up an info sheet as to why we should count this guys research. The fact that he been the key author for grants in the billions of dollars and has published more than 140 articles, yea I do trust his research. I also had to find out if there had ever been any contestation over UMN research. To my delight there was a study done that Minnesota Representatives and State Senators trust UMN research because it is unbiased and state funded. There was a little bit of "liberal leanings" expressed by some but not enough to discredit research. Before the bill gets to the floor I think Kate and I will probably come up with questions that the opposition will attack Rep. Walker with and prepare responses just in case.

March 25, 2008

Back in the US

I have returned to the United States and I am freakin beat. Not only am I running off of less than 2 hours sleep but I also still have a cold that just hasn't gone away. Maybe the Haitian moonshine I bought for 75 cents will do the trick. ANYWAY so many things happened in such a short time.

HEALTH INSURANCE! I have realized I have to grow up today and enroll as soon as possible in my own health insurance through Starbucks. I have received the information about my parents new insurance through Christian Services International and I must say I am a little pissed.
1. No Dental--I know the last two times I have been to Haiti I have had dental work done for free BUT still I want to get high quality American care if need be.
2. No Optical--Yea I am not legally needing glasses, if you ask my drivers license but that is only because I memorized the sign before I took the test at the DMV.
3. Pay Up Front--Yea I have to pay out of pocket and get reimbursed--yea that's not deterring me from going to the doctors or the ER.
4.NO BIRTH CONTROL--I am close to writing a friendly letter about this wonderful omission on their part. However, I love my parents and know that this would only put them in a tight spot. BUT WE GIVE OUT BIRTH CONTROL AT THE CLINIC IN CROIX-DES-BOUQUETS! How come, as an American going to the pharmacy I can not get birth control pills when they are dispensed at the clinic that my parents work at. That's where I jack my stuff from! There are so many angles I could take this. Is it because as "civilized Americans" we can curb our sexual desires or is it straight up population control in Haiti? I know there is religion overtones, and they do not cover Viagara either, but there are inconsistencies and problems that stem from this issue. But like I said I am just going to get off of my parents plan as soon as I possibly can.

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March 13, 2008

So this is her

So the New York Times found it necessary to look at Ashley Alexandra Dupre's Myspace page to find out more about the prostitute behind the Spitzer scandal. Real journalism at its finest people. Its great to know who where musical influences and that she hopes to have a singing career. yea good luck.

I will be in NY in less than 12 hours!

March 11, 2008


Man I actually liked Elliot Spitzer. Better than Gov. Pataki that's for sure. Sorry Mom. You never did let me go to your Republican luncheons.

Anyway mad props to the fact that his speech at Chautauqua got linked on his "Milestones in an Ambitious Career" profile on the NY Times website. I don't remember why I didn't go to that this summer. I think I silently protested the Institution since I no longer had a free gate pass. I also didn't go see Sandra Day O'Connor simply because I was a dumb ass. Simply put.

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March 10, 2008

Washington Post

I know I am a week late in repsonding to these articles but such is the busy life I lead.

I don't even know where to begin with Charlette Allen's article. It attacks from all angles with no concrete evidence or facts. Its beyond offensive but at the same time it just makes me feel sorry for her. This article just screams self-hatred to me. Who would want to live a life that succumbs to misogynist myths and gender stereotypes?

In Katha Pollitt's response, my favorite lines have to be: "But I suspect that Allen, who works for the right-wing anti-feminist Independent Women's Forum, is just annoyed that so many educated middle-class women are cultural, social and political moderates and liberals. Democrats, in other words."

More on this later. I am at my internship and they have given me work to do.

March 5, 2008

Lobby Day

me and prochoice.JPG

I am pooped. I schmoozed all day like I have never schmoozed before. I have a bunch of business cards in my wallet right now with so many people I have to call. I will reflect on Lobby day and also Planned Parenthood's Sex Ed: Then and Now screening later. Now its time to breathe.

March 4, 2008

H.F. 3731

Woot woot! The Repsonisble Family Life and Sexuality Education Programs bill was introduced today for the first time this session! This is by the way the comp. sex ed bill. It’s just dolled up a bit. It's starting out as a stand alone bill in the House and also in the Senate. I don't know the entire reasoning behind this but I guess it can always be tacked on to omnibus legislation.

Today's day at the Capitol was an interesting one.....

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March 2, 2008

Pro-Choice Pub Crawl Reflections

I have learned through this Pro Choice Pub Crawl that guys (aka the kind that go to the Library on Friday nights just to get laid) don't like it when other guys offer them free condoms. There was a little incident at our last stop on the pub crawl where one of my friends offered a guy some condoms and I guess it was taken the wrong way. To make a long story short my friend got thrown into the bar, accidentally spilling some people's drinks because someone thought he was gay. Yea. Mature people. To make it even better he got thrown out of the bar for causing the disturbance. Needless to say I know I won't be returning to the Library anytime soon even if Long Islands are on special. Just another plug for a Lobby Day---April 17th is OutFront Minnesota's Lobby Day. It's the biggest lobby day for the glbt community!

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February 27, 2008

Wooo Leather

It's bikers day at the Capitol. As I wait to print of Rep. Walker's bills, I am seeing some rather interesting folks.

It makes me want to ride cross-country in a side car.

Pub Crawl and Lobby Day

prochocielobby day.jpg

Pro Choice Lobby Day is next Tuesday March 4. Registration is at 8:45 and the fun starts at 9:30 so come on out to the Capitol. There will be free food of course.

Leading up to the event will be the Pro Choice Pub Crawl in Dinkytown on Feb. 29th. Pretty much every bar (except Blarney's) will be attacked with condoms and information. So funtimes for all.

February 20, 2008

H.F. 2640

It's only been a week at the Capitol and already I've seen and been a part of some pretty sweet things.

What I really just wanted to raise awareness to for just one second is H.F. 2640 that was introduced on February 12, 2008.

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February 5, 2008

In addition

I just wanted to add this link in repsonse to my previous post.

The Hilary-hating always interested me too and I never understood why people felt so strongly.

Super Tuesday

Oye. Tuesday. Oye.

Tomorrow marks the first time I will be able to participate in the Democratic Primary. My absentee ballot has been cast and my vote is my decision. It was one of the tougher choices I’ve had to make in my young voting career but I think I voted with good intention, looking to a successful Presidential election in November and improving our government for the long-haul.

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