February 12, 2005

I Long for You (Kimi Koishi) 1928

When the moonless night draws near
My anguish knows no end.
In my tumultuous heart,
Whose image appears?

I long for you, and though the color of my lips refuses to fade
My eyes fill with tears, and the night grows late.

Although my voice sings and my footsteps resound,
Where shall I go to look for your visage in my heart?

I long for you, and my thoughts are a jumble.
For who am I going to bear so many painful nights like this?

That profile runs away
That profile disappears
For whose sake is my heart exhausted?

I long for you, the light fades
Even when the dark red sash falls
It is lonely.

Posted by ander025 at February 12, 2005 2:49 PM