February 12, 2005

The Shout of Victory Song (Kachidoki no uta)

Comrades, open your eyes!
We have run the snow-covered
Mountains and valleys without stopping.
The males call loudly calling the wind
The flag of blood, the circle of the sun (the hi no maru).

North, the thousand league Great Wall
Returns a spirit of language (kotodama),
And the eternal waves of the Yellow River too,
Churn up (wakiagaru) the voice of justice
The shout of victory

In the sky, wild eagles
On the ground, tanks
Following behind, human bullets
Making a war-cry if they go in to attack
What kind of fortifications? Ten-fold, twenty-fold.

In the rain and hail of enemy fire
The charge throws a spray
The creek also
The hi no maru (flag) planted
The boats take off

The enemy’s last triumphant entrance into Nanking
The sound of boots (shoes)
Set a piece under the purple and gold mountains
Raising up Japanese swords in the morning dew

The enemies of the Yellow River too
Take cover (narihisome)
In Taigen fortress, in helmets
Asia is morning
The darkness is breaking
For the five million people
The darkness is breaking

Posted by ander025 at February 12, 2005 2:51 PM