February 28, 2005

February 27, 2005

Watanabe Hamako

China Nights

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Ri Ko Ran

Suchou Night Song

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Asakawa Maki

When Day Dawns
Blind Flowers

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Endo Kenji

Can We Be Satisfied
Curry Rice
Good Night

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Okabayashi Nobuyasu

What We Want

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The Jacks

Love Generation

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February 26, 2005

February 12, 2005

Su Zhou Night Song (1941)

Su Zhou Night Song
What you hear when held to my breast
Is a ship song of dreams
A song of love
The Su Zhou of water
Is saddened by
The spring of scattered flowers
The willow sobs with regret

Shall we put it in your hair as an ornament?
Shall I kiss it?
That thing you blessed
The peach blossom
The misty moon that seems full of tears
Cold mountain temple

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China Nights (Shina no yoru) 1941

China Nights
China nights, China nights
The harbor’s light
The dream boat
The junk we climb on board in the lavender night
Ah! I can’t forget the sound of the gong
China nights, nights of dreams

China nights, China nights
A lantern sways in the window of the willow
A red bird cage
A Chinese girl
Ah! How sad, a song of love
China nights, nights of dreams

China nights, China nights
The night I wait for you
Blossoms fall, fall
To the balcony in the rain
Leaves also fall
Ah! Even if we part
Could it be forgotten?
China night, night of dreams

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The Shout of Victory Song (Kachidoki no uta)

Comrades, open your eyes!
We have run the snow-covered
Mountains and valleys without stopping.
The males call loudly calling the wind
The flag of blood, the circle of the sun (the hi no maru).

North, the thousand league Great Wall
Returns a spirit of language (kotodama),
And the eternal waves of the Yellow River too,
Churn up (wakiagaru) the voice of justice
The shout of victory

In the sky, wild eagles
On the ground, tanks
Following behind, human bullets
Making a war-cry if they go in to attack
What kind of fortifications? Ten-fold, twenty-fold.

In the rain and hail of enemy fire
The charge throws a spray
The creek also
The hi no maru (flag) planted
The boats take off

The enemy’s last triumphant entrance into Nanking
The sound of boots (shoes)
Set a piece under the purple and gold mountains
Raising up Japanese swords in the morning dew

The enemies of the Yellow River too
Take cover (narihisome)
In Taigen fortress, in helmets
Asia is morning
The darkness is breaking
For the five million people
The darkness is breaking

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I Long for You (Kimi Koishi) 1928

When the moonless night draws near
My anguish knows no end.
In my tumultuous heart,
Whose image appears?

I long for you, and though the color of my lips refuses to fade
My eyes fill with tears, and the night grows late.

Although my voice sings and my footsteps resound,
Where shall I go to look for your visage in my heart?

I long for you, and my thoughts are a jumble.
For who am I going to bear so many painful nights like this?

That profile runs away
That profile disappears
For whose sake is my heart exhausted?

I long for you, the light fades
Even when the dark red sash falls
It is lonely.

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Sharp-dressed Man (Share otoko) 1924

(Adaptation of Gay Caballero)
In the village I am the one they call the
The number one mobo.
Vain, conceited, smug,
I came to Ginza in Tokyo.

To begin with, my style consists of
A blue shirt with crimson necktie,
A derby hat and horn-rimmed glasses (Lloyd-style)
And baggy sailor pants.

The woman that I have fallen in love with
Has jet black eyes and bobbed hair.
She’s short and built,
And she is brazen down to her toes.

I first got to know her at the café,
Now it’s your place, dear.
Shall we have cocktails
Or Whiskey, which should it be?
Politely hiding your feelings
Your being too reserved.

Doing as she said, I had two or three glasses
With a smile she said, have another.
The woman became slightly flushed (cherry color)
Hahaha, in all I had another drink

Do you know?
My father is the landlord, the head of the village.
The village head is a rich man and I, his son,
Am single even now, a bachelor!

“Oh my, that’s lovely”
If you’ve got the prestige and the money,
For example, even if a man has no looks—
[Women say,] “I like you dear.”

Oh, my beloved one,
How my body trembles
If it’s with you I’d go anywhere
I would leave you even if I die.

Is it a dream or is it a figment of my imagination?
Just then, the woman’s husband comes rushing at me.
Without saying a word, I am engulfed by a flurry of fists.
Beaten to a pulp, I faint.

My wallet, my watch have been taken!
My precious woman is gone!
What a fearsome place Tokyo’s Ginza is!
I am a mobo who cannot cry, even if I feel like it.

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February 10, 2005

Popular Music and Rhetoric

Website that discusses the power of words in popular music.

Popular Music and Rhetoric

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February 1, 2005

Japanese Music (Wikipedia)

Japanese Music (Wikipedia)

This website isn't always completely accurate or balanced, but it's a good starting point for popular music, especially for identifying newer acts. It has a moderately long list of links to performers at the end of the entry.

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Japanese Traditional Music

Japanese Traditional Music

This is a very handy Columbia Music Entertainment website with a short history of Japanese traditional music, brief explanations of genres, explanations and pictures of instruments, and short samples of several pieces in each genre. Be aware that you will need RealPlayer to use this site. Sorry.

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Welcome to the ALL1441 Homeblog

I'll be posting short blog entries here, sometimes to update the syllabus or let you know about something, usually to generate discussion on our weekly course topics.

Keep an eye on the links menu on the left side of the page. I will be progressively addling relevant links to websites on traditional Japanese music, Japanese pop music, and pop/rock/etc. more generally.

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