September 29, 2005

Takarazuka and 1930s Jazz pop

Takarazuka Music Theater
Mon Paris

Nakano Tadaharu and the Columbia Rhythm Boys
Dinah (1934)

Iwai Akira
Dinah (1935)


Enomoto Kenichi (Enoken)
Enoken's Dinah (1936)

Nippon Victor Rhythm Jokers
Four Man Group in the City (Sing, Sing, Sing) (1938)

Kawada Yoshio
Rokkyoku Dinah (1939)

Lyrics in extended

Mon Paris (1929, Takarazuka Music Theater)
Even after being on the road for a year
I return safely
I am very joyful
Memories of unusual foreign beauty
Even divided it is unforgettable (waketemo)
Paris, the capitol

Beautiful memories
Mon Paris, my Paris

Walking at twilight in spite of oneself?
People you meet, too
Very playfully
Whispers of love

When I recall how I felt then that day
My heart dances

Dinah (1934, by Nakano Tadaharu and the Columbia Rhythm Boys)
Dinah, when the moon comes out
I sing with you a seaside song
Dinah, please let me hear you (kikasete cho-dai, na)
Please let me cry (nakasete cho-dai, na)
A distant dream

Dinah, one sweet memory of love
The shadow of a blue moon deepens

Dinah, I sing with you in the little window of flowers
A song of love

Chorus #2:
Dinah, sing for me Dinah (utatte cho-dai, na)
Dance for me, Dinah (odotte cho-dai, na)

In tonight’s moon, burning faintly
Wet, crying, cry for me
Your beloved shadow deepens
Chorus #2

Dinah (1936, by Iwai Akira)
You’re always pretty aren’t you?
More than anyone, you’re very schon (beautiful)
That girl, she’s mine
(he, he don’t think badly of me)

When she’s being sweet
That girl’s whispers
Echo in my heart

Both day and night, both dreams and ?
I couldn’t live without that girl

Aah, Dinah You’re always pretty, aren’t you
You’re more schon than anyone
Oh, my baby, Dinah Lee
Repeat chorus twice

Rokkyoku Dinah (1939, Kawada Yoshio)
Dinah, Dinah, what is that, I wonder?
Because it’s popular in the English language capitol
It’s the first thing that comes to mind
In talking it down
When there is something I’d like to confide to that girl
Please sing, “Choi” for me, Dinah (utatte cho-dai, na)

The D in Dinah is the D for “dashare” (bad pun)
The “I” in Dinah is the “I” of i-ro-ha (ABCs)
People say that’s the beginning of things
The “na” in Dinah is the long (naganaga) nights
Sleeping alone of the sore-legged mountain bird
With the long tail (Was that a little long?)
Long nights (naganagashi yoru) if its “na”

The letter D, the letter I, and the single letter “na”
If any one of them is missing, it doesn’t come to anything
If all of them were missing, aaah…
Dai-nashi (No Dinah)

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September 23, 2005

September 19, 2005

Songs of Modern Tokyo

Tokyo March Futamura Teiichi

Modern Tokyo

A Gay Caballero, Frank Crumit

Share otoko (Sharp-dressed Man), Futamura Teiichi

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September 13, 2005

Futamura Teiichi

Futamura Teiichi Music file links

Song of Araby

Ao zora

Share otoko

Kimi koishi

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Nakayama Shimpei

Links for Nakayama Shimpei music files

Kachusha's Song (Matsui Sumako)

Kachusya's Song (Rerecorded version)

Gondola Song

Sendo kouta (Rerecorded)

Debune no minato (Fujiwara Yoshie)

Haabu no minato (Fujiwara Yoshie)

Hoko wo samete (Fujiwara Yoshie)

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September 8, 2005

Welcome to the ALL1441 Web Log!

Welcome to the online site for our class this semester. Please feel free to add your comments on the two readings for this week at the bottom of this post. The readings for this week are Mitsui, "Sing Me a Song of Araby," and Kawabata, The Japanese record industry.

What do you think are the main points of the Mitsui article? What is your evaluation of the argumentation and evidence? Persuasive? Lacking? Why or why not? How about the Kawabata article?

Over the next few days I will be adding links to the songs we will be discussing next week. Before then please browse the music download menu and see if your computer allows you to connect to the music samples. We need to sort through compatibility problems as soon as possible. Please send me an e-mail and let me know if you were or were not able to get the music links to work with your computer. My e-mail address is:

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