October 31, 2005

Happy Endo

Spring Come!

Hide and Seek

Sky That Can't Fly

Rainy December Day

Gathering the Wind

Happy Endo

It's Summer

Tomorrow, Be a Clear Day

Lyrics in extended

Spring, Come!
Speaking of New Yearís, it was playing Karuta
With my feet in the kotatsu,
While eating Ozoni.
This year Iím facing the New Year living alone.
Tonightís bell is too lonely
It pressed in on my ears

If I just staggered outside the house
About now everyone will be lined up
Even though they said ďomedetoĒ (congratulations),
I wonder if something went wrong somewhereÖ

Still, I bet everything.
Now, I just give it a try until spring shows up
It shouldnít be far away now
Spring, come! Spring, come! Spring, come!

Hide and Seek
The shallow dusk of a clouded sky
A cloud floats, a puff on a cigarette
The wind has completely died down
Iím drinking hot tea

I try saying something like, ďI want you.Ē
From behind I quietly let it slip
A lie like a sigh
I am drinking hot tea

There was nothing like slush
The plainly crooked coffee cup remains
The moment beats
I am drinking hot tea.

Please donít say anymore.
It would be good if you could stay quiet that way.
Because I canít hear what you say
Outside is a snowy landscape
Inside two play hide and seek
A face as if captured in a painting, laughs
I am drinking hot tea.

The Sky That Canít Fly
Under a sky distantly separated from America
What can happen?
In a heart like a closed continent?
What can happen?

Itís a feeling as if a scam artist
whose painting has hardened into a lie
Has painted this poorly done sky

If a single aspiration sprouts wings
If even a poem is born
If even a single hope is born
Who would celebrate?

Itís a feeling as if a scam mother
Who had hardened into a lie
Had killed the child she bore

A Rainy Day in December
The smell of water in a bright street
Rain-possessed people come and go

In a town on a rainy incline
The wind starts to blow
A flowing wave of people
Thatís what Iím looking at
Thatís what Iím looking at

A hungry heart
Wounded by the rain
And a freezing sky
Meet on a hidden street corner

Repeat Chorus

Happy Ending
Now is the past.
Like Momotaro (Rip van Winkle)
Who lives longer and longer
If you can live happily ever after
Like in a fairy tale
If it is a happy ending, great.
But happiness is not a question of how things end,
Itís a question of how they begin.

Now is the past.
Even riding around in a Mercedes
Even surrounded by mistresses
They say you can become happy
If you can become prominent like a CEO
If you can become prominent like a CEO
Thatís great
But something like happiness
Is not a question of what you possess
Itís a question of what you want.

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October 23, 2005

Misora Hibari/ Mori Shinichi

Misora Hibari

Mournful Sake

Yurai kaido

Like the Flow of a River

Kobayashi Tatsuko

The Lying Seagull

Mori Shinichi

Dearest Mom


A Woman's Heart

A Woman's Love

That's Love

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October 16, 2005

G S Bands



You're Gonna Lose That Girl

Dizzy Miss Lizzy

The Ventures

Walk-Don't Run

Diamond Head

Hawaii Five-O

I highly recommend the Nippop website for short bios on the GS Bands

The Spiders

Furi furi 66

Hey Boy!

Once Again

Falling Tears


You're Gonna Lose That Girl (Love Advice)

Around and Around

The Tempters

Please God

Let's Live For Today

She Really Thinks She's Something

The Tigers

Seaside Bound

Sea, Sea, Sea

My Marie

A World with Light

The Golden Cups

I'm Your Puppet

Golden Glass

The Sun Will Rise Again

The Girl With the Long Hair

The Jacks

Love Generation

The Spiders
Furi furi '66

Tonight tonight in my dark blue suit
Furi furi furi furi furi furi furi furi
My hair is long it swings with the music
Under my arm I carry a guitar
O, ready Go Go Go

They think I'm crazy, but I don't care a bit
I'll do what I please whether you care or not
Go going my way

My girl has left me and I don't blame her
Hear she was sick and tired of the way I am
I play my guitar when I am lonely
Ok, ready Go Go Go

The Jacks
Love Generation

When we try to start doing something
Because donít want to pretend we are living
Sometimes we pretend to give the appearance we are dead.
Sometimes we pretend to give the appearance we are dead.

When you think this way, even the sky flys.
When you can think this way, it is joyful
Exchange (kawasu) the sake you donít drink while you cry
Exchange the sake you donít drink while you cry

Because weíd like to believe, we begin to doubt
All important things, even parents and lovers

Adults, are more imaginative/dreamy (steki)
There is an adult living in the child

In fact, when we want to be alone,
Like idiots we speak to lots of people.
In the depths of our words, there is love
In the depths of our words, there is love.
La, la, la, laÖ.

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1960s Folk Music

Asakawa Maki

When Day Dawns

Blind Flowers

Folk Crusaders

Second Millenium

Reincarnated Drunk

Dracula's Love

Rue Auble

Okabayashi Nobuyasu

What We Want

Endo Kenji

Can We Be Satisfied?

Curry Rice

Good Night (Oyasumi)

Lyrics in extended

Asakawa Maki
When the day dawns
Iíll be on the earliest train
Get my ticket ready
Just one will do
After tonight, itís goodbye to this town.
It was a pretty good town, butÖ

When the day dawns
Iíll be on the earliest train
Going to that town I heard about
Iím going to that town
I might get involved with someone cool there

When the day dawns
Iíll be on the earliest train
Everybody says to me
ďWonít you be settling down soon?Ē
But, but life is long, isnít it?
Iím sure that town will be great.

When the day dawns
Iíll be on the earliest train
Please get my ticket ready
Really, really, just one ticket.
Someday I wonít be so frivolous
Iím getting on.

Blind Flowers
Iíve forgotten about old times
Iíve forgotten about you too
I canít cry over brats like us
Wandering depressed finally it bloomed
This blind flower

Summerís rays melted
Your eyes have clouded
Now we canít sing for the two of us
Running, running, then running
A swell in the chest, a secret love song

In the distance it was dead
Our twentieth year your warmth
Finally, long ago, we even lost our scars
Go mad, mad, and then mad
At some point, they scattered
Those blind flowers

Folk Crusaders
Reincarnated Drunk

I died. I died. I died.
I went to heaven.
Up the long stairs
Up the cloud stairs
I dizzily climbed
Staggering, I continued climbing
I finally reached the gates of heaven

Heaven is a great place
Come and see it once
The sake is tasty
And the babes are pretty
I died on a DUI
I died. I died. I died.
I went to heaven.

But, in heaven, the frightening God
Took the sake and bellowed
ďHey! Here in heaven
Heaven is not such a slacker place
So try to be more seriousĒ (Osaka-ben)

Heavenís a great place.
Come visit sometime.
The babes are fine.

Everyday I booze it up.
I forget all about God.

ďHey! Youíre still doing the same thing!
If thatís the case, then Iím serious, get out!Ē (Osaka-ben)
And thatís how I was kicked out

I descended the cloud stairs
I descended down those long stairs
And then I mistepped

I awoke in the middle of a field
I was reborn. I was reborn.

Draculaís Love
Iím looking for a country with no light
I set out on a journey
Looking for a world of darkness
I set out on a journey

Looking up to the moonless sky
Tears welled up.
That was the love of a world of deep darkness

Oh! Please! Come back
Ah! I want your love

The first time we two met
At the sea on a starless night
We had a good time
On the dark, dark sandy beach
I tried wishing for just one small happiness
But, in the end, nothing works out for me/nobody suits me

Oh! Please come back to me
Ah! I want your love

O-buru gai
On o-buru lane is filled with my tears
Oburu lane is filled with wind
In the silver woods, love falls
The withered flowers scatter in the sky

Even a small bird forgets words

Okabayashi Nobuyasu
What We Want
What we want
Is not the struggle of life
What we want
Is the joy of life

What we want
Is not a self that lives for society
What we want
Is a society for the sake of ourselves

What we want
Is not what is owed
What we want
Is what is plundered

What we want
Is not to kill you
What we want
Is to live with you

Now, some misfortune must not remain
A still unseen happiness takes flight

What we want
Is not repetition
What we want
Is ceaseless transformation

Endo Kenji
Curry Rice
You and the cat you all like curry rice
Tapping away, you cut the potato and carrots
You cut the onion with tears in your eyes
Goofball! You then cut your own hand.
I sat playing my guitar
Curry rice

The cat loudly shadows us/hangs about
ďGive me some meow!Ē
MmÖItís a very good smell.
Iím watching the television as I lie about.

Somebody just cut their stomach, they said.
Ow! That must have really hurt!

Curry Rice
You and the cat like it a little mild.
I like it really hot.
Curry rice.
Curry rice.

Good Night
Good night to you
Iím going to bed
And to our cute cat with the long neck,
Good night.
If you have a dream, let it be of me.
Today there were somany stars
Good night to you
Iím going to bed

Good night
Iím going to sleep soundly
And to our cute cat with the long neck,
Good night
If I have a dream it will be of you.
Today the moon was so enormous
Good night, sleep soundly
Good night

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October 11, 2005

Japanese Country/Rockabilly Dudes

Hirao Masaaki

The Stars Know Everything


I Like You

Mickey Curtis

Moonlight Beach

Sakamoto Kyu

Keep Your Head Up

G.I. Blues

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Misora Hibari

Mournful Whistle

Apple Song

Mournful Sake

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