March 29, 2006

Area Studies and Bush Wars: Neo-Conservatism and the China-Japan Nexus in US Foreign Policy

This blog is part of a larger project with five goals: 1) Analyze and archive a critical reading of neo-conservative writing on foreign policy, 2) Examine the failure in design and execution of Bush administration foreign policy in the Middle East for lessons it may provide regarding likely future misjudgements of a similar nature in other regions of the world, 3) Explore the ways in which new media can amplify the voices of those trained in area studies as regards US foreign policy relating to their area of expertise, 4) Employ new media as a means of proactively affecting public debate on American foreign policy such that it is forced to confront what those trained in area studies actually know about the areas in question when competing policy options are being debated, 5) Confront counterfactual and anti-historical disinformation disseminated in policy pronouncements and news reports within the news cycle so that policy debate is regulated by something more serious than the wishful thinking produced by think tanks that gather data to support conveniently foregone conclusions.