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ALL3920 Week 15


Position papers please.

Writing Assignment #2

Your second and final paper is due, Tuesday, May 11th.

It should be 8-10 pages long. You must have a minimum
of five references to books, journal articles, or websites that
were not assigned reading for the class. Only one of the five
may be a website and the website must be written by someone
with academic credentials or have references/links in support
of the arguments it makes.

You must present a specific methodology in terms of which you
are reading your film. You are required to refer to a specific
chapter/s in Lois Tyson, Critical Theory Today, unless you
contact the instructor by e-mail for permission to use an
alternative methodological approach. Your paper will be
marked down if you break this rule, so either check Tyson
or send an e-mail to me about an alternative. Tyson's book is on
two hour loan in Wilson library reserve. You should choose
one of these perspectives as the ground of your interpretation.
You may combine them if you feel confident that will strengthen
your reading.

Other recommended resources:
Hayward, Susan, Cinema Studies: The Key Concepts available
as an electronic resource by way of the Wilson library catalog

Kodansha Encyclopedia of Japan, also available in hard copy
or as an electronic resource through the Wilson library catalog.
You may use the Kodansha Encyclopedia to get a reliable overview
of a particular period in Japanese history, or to look up information
on fiction, politics, law, etc. It is generally very useful for the sort of
historical background information you would use for a new historicist
reading of a film.

ALL3920 Week 14


This week's film is Nemuri Kiyoshiro 3 (Sleepy Eyes of Death 3).
Position papers please.

ALL3920 Week 13


Position papers please.

ALL3920 Week 12


Yojimbo position papers please.

ALL3920 Week 11


Position papers please.

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