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Flickr is what we need........

I just took the Flickr tour and found it quite fascinating -- thanks Amy for telling me I'm not technology challenged -- I think I am when it comes to Flickr so I may enlist the help of my husband because we need something for "managing" the pictures of our two grandchildren! It would be great to be able to organize all these photos using this amazing process. The kids are only 1 1/2 and 1 month old so if we start now, we can keep up!

For the office, I'll need to bring my camera to work because my "technology challenged" cell phone does not take pictures -- I probably need to go shopping for a new phone. I can see the uses of Flickr in my money management work although there is always the need to consider privacy when taking photos of people. Our local collaborative on financial literacy uses photos on its website and the privacy issue is always a concern even though we use several photos to emphasize personal finance strategies. So, this week, I'll be exploring more with Flickr -- this class is a great experience.