May 18, 2005

Birthmother's Day


Observing Birth Mother's Day

To the editor:
Birth Mother's Day, May 7, was created in 1990 by a group of
Seattle, Wash., birth mothers who share that day's pain of being
shut out of their child's life. There is the dual pain of their
child's inability to recognize them that day. No cards or flowers
because that birth was promoted as only a momentary event in their
lives, promised to quickly fade away. This silence also gives the
adoptee the message that they too are forgotten by her. Birth mothers
are often forgotten by the adoptive parents who she gave the gift of
life. Today's adoption system has been built on the destruction
of the birth family relationship. But truth cannot be whole without
all its parts. And those parts include birth grandmothers who we, as a
reunited adoptive family, also remember on this day. "Thank
you," my son's maternal birth grandmother wrote. "I admire your
willingness to help your son find his birth mother. I just wish my
husband had lived long enough to meet and get acquainted with this
nice young man. I have enjoyed his visits so much and hope I can have
many more." His paternal grandmother signed her card to us: "With best
wishes from Jon's biological grandmother." Now I work with Minnesota
Coalition for Adoption Reform to help change current adoption laws. To
find out more, contact MCAR at

Posted by ander750 at May 18, 2005 7:32 AM