October 30, 2004

Why we searched

I need to explain my part in this adoption triad. I am an adoptive mother who helped her three children search for their birth families. I felt this was vital to their adult lives as the need to know your genetics, your birth parents and why you were relinquished never leaves you. Without all this information my chidlren were confused, lost and rebellious. Also, my mother was orphaned at age 2 and I saw her need to know agitate her all her life. I wish I could have helped her learn more about her genetics also. That is why I am working with MCAR (Minnesota Coalition for Adoption Reform) to help others obtain their original birth certificate at age 19. My children have reunited with all their families, so we feel blessed. Any questions? Eunice

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October 26, 2004

Belief Statements

We believe that (1) all adopted persons should have direct access to truthful, identifying information about their birth and origins. (2) Adoption is not a one-time legal event but a lifetime human process for all members of the adoption kinship network. (3) The system of adoption should be focused on the needs of the adopted person who benefits by having genetic information both in childhood and in adulthood.(4) The adopted have a dual family identity that should be recognized and respected. (5) The act of searching for one's origins is not pathological but rather a natural human need in the lifelong quest for identity. (6) Knowledge of the past empowers all humans to make healthy decisions for today and tomorrow. (Brochure)
Any questions?

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October 6, 2004

More Babies for Adoption

Look this up. Very interesting and educational.

U.S. Adoptions Get Easier

Some Domestic Agencies Say They Now Have More Babies Than Applicants
September 28, 2004; Page D1

It's a problem the nation's adoption agencies haven't seen in 30 years: "We desperately need couples who want to adopt babies in the U.S.," says Sue
Will, maternity-services coordinator at Lutheran Social Services of Illinois, one
of the state's largest social-services agencies.

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October 5, 2004


Testing. I am a member of MCAR (Minnesota Coalition for Adoption Reform) and want all interested in reforming MN adoption laws to know about us. Mainly we advocate that adopted adults at age 19 can get their original birth certificate (OBC). I will post updates regulary on our groups legislative successor failures. TTYL.

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