February 22, 2013

Original Birth Certificate pending legislation HF848

Talking points:

Original birth certificates would be available to ALL MN-Born adult adoptees at age 18.
Adoptee and non-adoptee would have equal access to their own factual birth certificate.
No "permission slips"/Affidavits of Disclosure or Non-disclosure
No waiting periods while state or private agencies search for parental permission
No additional court process needed to override parental denials
No additional fees for adoptees for searching/securing parental permission
No waiting until age 100 when adoption records become public

Additional points:

Laws change. We try to do better when we know better.
At the heart of Adoption is the Best Interest of the Child. Keeping the Original Birth Certificate from the Adult/child is now recognized as not in the best interest of the child/adult.
Every person born in MN has an original birth certificate. They are the subject of that birth certificate.
Everyone should have access to their own personal data - their own birth information.
Treating MN-born Adopted Adults differently than non-adopted MN-born adults with respect to their own original birth certificate is discriminatory.
The closing of records to the the adopted child/adult was done without their legal counsel or a guardian ad litem.
Permission slips/Affidavits of Disclosure or Non-disclosure was a post-adoption system added in the late 1970's granting rights to parents whose parental rights had been terminated.

Minnesota Coalition for Adoption Reform

Posted by ander750 at February 22, 2013 10:31 AM