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December 9, 2004


This year, and the past few, the Philadelphia Eagles have been ranked one of the best teams in the league. As of 12/05/04 their current ranking is third, with a record of 11-1. The Pittsburgh Stealers and the New England Patriots also have the same record of 11-1. This is the year for the Eagles though. In the past they have come so close to a championship. This season they have not only been dominating the NFC East division, but also the entire NFC and this year they are most likely to be NFC champions. Donavan McNabb is an excellent quarterback, one of the best in the NFL, and has done amazing things for the team. This season he has 256 completions out of 393 attempts with a 65.1% rating. His projected stats are supposed to place him as having the 6th best quarterback season in history. Brian Westbrook has lead with 705 rushing yards, and 566 receiving yards, with one of the top receivers in the NFL, Terrell Owens, with 1130 receiving yards. The Eagles have beaten every team except for the Stealers who in week 9 defeated them with a 27-3 victory. I definitely like the Eagles and I hope that this year is there year. They've been so close that they deserve to achieve their goal. With such teams so closely ranked like the Patriots though, who were on a historic winning streak previously in the season, we'll see what the outcome is. With there next two games against St. Louis and Dallas, they are going to dominated them, and McNabb is likely to surpass his projected stats, as they have two of the worst pass defenses in the league.

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Peyton Manning

So Peyton Manning this year is basically having his best quarterback season in his career, and may be the best season for a quarterback in NFL history. This year he has had amazing stats, and with only four games left, is on his way to accomplishing this. So far he's accumulated 44 touchdown passes this season and after itís completed is projected to have 59. He's also accumulated 3621 passing yards and is projected to get at least 4828, which is just short of Dan Marino's 5084 yards in 84'. With a projected 68.4% quarterback rating, he's on his way to earning the top position for best season in history, just above the Browns' Otto Graham in 53' and the Miami Dolphins' Dan Marino in 84'. As far as whether or not he'll achieve these projections, the Colts schedule for the next 4 weeks isnít extremely challenging. I think Manning is an awesome quarterback. Heís definitely reliable, as opposed to Brett Favre where you can never count on anything. When the Colts call a play action, which they basically do on every play, Manning executes it perfectly which is one of the minor reasons I think he does a great job.

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More Info

This is a link to the ESPN NFL sportspage. It has everything you would want to know about scores, stats, rankings and more. Take a look at ESPN

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December 7, 2004

Vikings vs. Bears

The Vikings vs. Bears game was a real surprise for me. The Vikings (7-5) have been battling with the Packers (7-5) for division champion. The Bears have just been a little further behind (5-7), so when they beat the Vikings on Sunday I was very pleased, especially because I knew the Packers were going to lose against the Eagles. With a final score of 24-14, it was a close game going into the second half where the Bears scored another touchdown in the 4th quarter securing their victory. Despite this, Minnesota lead in overall yards with a total of 391 yards (245 passing/146 rushing). Marcus Robinson was the leading receiver (90 yards) while Onterrio Smith was the leading rusher (79 yards). Not helping Minnesota much was their 3 interceptions thrown and 1 fumble lost by Randy Moss.

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Purpose Statement

This blog exists to primarily discuss pro football events of 2004 and opinions about them. It will basically have information based on the past few weeks and predictions for future events.

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Packers vs. Eagles

Basically the Packers this last Sunday got beat to shame in their game against the Philadelphia Eagles, 17-41 respectively. At least this embarrassing loss was against one of the best teams in the league this year. Luckily for us Packer fans, the Vikings weren't able to defeat the Bears, who for some reason the Packers weren't able to beat way back in week 2. McNabb accumulated 464 passing yards with 5 touchdowns in the first half, a career high for him. Philadelphia also had leading passing and rushing yards with Owens (161 receiving yards) and Levens (63 rushing yards). As far as I'm concerned I hoped the Packers would win, but I knew it wasn't going to happen. I was most surprised and pleased with the outcome of the Vikings vs. Bears game.

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