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December 7, 2004

Vikings vs. Bears

The Vikings vs. Bears game was a real surprise for me. The Vikings (7-5) have been battling with the Packers (7-5) for division champion. The Bears have just been a little further behind (5-7), so when they beat the Vikings on Sunday I was very pleased, especially because I knew the Packers were going to lose against the Eagles. With a final score of 24-14, it was a close game going into the second half where the Bears scored another touchdown in the 4th quarter securing their victory. Despite this, Minnesota lead in overall yards with a total of 391 yards (245 passing/146 rushing). Marcus Robinson was the leading receiver (90 yards) while Onterrio Smith was the leading rusher (79 yards). Not helping Minnesota much was their 3 interceptions thrown and 1 fumble lost by Randy Moss.

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Packers vs. Eagles

Basically the Packers this last Sunday got beat to shame in their game against the Philadelphia Eagles, 17-41 respectively. At least this embarrassing loss was against one of the best teams in the league this year. Luckily for us Packer fans, the Vikings weren't able to defeat the Bears, who for some reason the Packers weren't able to beat way back in week 2. McNabb accumulated 464 passing yards with 5 touchdowns in the first half, a career high for him. Philadelphia also had leading passing and rushing yards with Owens (161 receiving yards) and Levens (63 rushing yards). As far as I'm concerned I hoped the Packers would win, but I knew it wasn't going to happen. I was most surprised and pleased with the outcome of the Vikings vs. Bears game.

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