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December 9, 2004

Peyton Manning

So Peyton Manning this year is basically having his best quarterback season in his career, and may be the best season for a quarterback in NFL history. This year he has had amazing stats, and with only four games left, is on his way to accomplishing this. So far he's accumulated 44 touchdown passes this season and after itís completed is projected to have 59. He's also accumulated 3621 passing yards and is projected to get at least 4828, which is just short of Dan Marino's 5084 yards in 84'. With a projected 68.4% quarterback rating, he's on his way to earning the top position for best season in history, just above the Browns' Otto Graham in 53' and the Miami Dolphins' Dan Marino in 84'. As far as whether or not he'll achieve these projections, the Colts schedule for the next 4 weeks isnít extremely challenging. I think Manning is an awesome quarterback. Heís definitely reliable, as opposed to Brett Favre where you can never count on anything. When the Colts call a play action, which they basically do on every play, Manning executes it perfectly which is one of the minor reasons I think he does a great job.

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