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December 9, 2004


This year, and the past few, the Philadelphia Eagles have been ranked one of the best teams in the league. As of 12/05/04 their current ranking is third, with a record of 11-1. The Pittsburgh Stealers and the New England Patriots also have the same record of 11-1. This is the year for the Eagles though. In the past they have come so close to a championship. This season they have not only been dominating the NFC East division, but also the entire NFC and this year they are most likely to be NFC champions. Donavan McNabb is an excellent quarterback, one of the best in the NFL, and has done amazing things for the team. This season he has 256 completions out of 393 attempts with a 65.1% rating. His projected stats are supposed to place him as having the 6th best quarterback season in history. Brian Westbrook has lead with 705 rushing yards, and 566 receiving yards, with one of the top receivers in the NFL, Terrell Owens, with 1130 receiving yards. The Eagles have beaten every team except for the Stealers who in week 9 defeated them with a 27-3 victory. I definitely like the Eagles and I hope that this year is there year. They've been so close that they deserve to achieve their goal. With such teams so closely ranked like the Patriots though, who were on a historic winning streak previously in the season, we'll see what the outcome is. With there next two games against St. Louis and Dallas, they are going to dominated them, and McNabb is likely to surpass his projected stats, as they have two of the worst pass defenses in the league.

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