Fulton Brewery FAQ

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Thought it would be interesting to communicate the uniqueness of a relatively new local brewery in the Minneapolis area - Fulton.

Fulton began as a single-barrel brewery in a South Minneapolis garage in 2006, and in 2010 expanded into a larger brewery in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Owned and operated by four friends, Fulton Beer can be found in many bars and eateries around Minneapolis and the surrounding metro area. Additionally, Fulton Beer is available for purchase at the Fulton Tap Room, which is located at their Minneapolis brewing location.

A local company, Fulton strives to produce the highest quality beer time and time again. The essence, craftsmanship and thought put into each bottle of Fulton beer is a reflection of Minneapolis. Fulton's goal is to offer its customers a delicious and locally brewed beer that is one of a kind.

Fulton Brewery produces four different beers: an American Blonde, India Pale Ale, Imperial Red Ale, and Russian Imperial Stout. The most notable beverage of the group is the India Pale Ale (also called the Sweet Child of Vine). Each batch of beer is hand-brewed under the watchful eye of brew master Pete Grande. The ingredients used are the finest from around the Midwest area, and are intended to instill a unique flavor in every drop.

Fulton beers can be purchased at various liquor stores around the metro area, at select bars and restaurants, or at the Fulton Tap Room located in Minneapolis. Additionally, Target Field now serves Fulton beer at select vendor locations. Fulton also produces shirts, hats and glasses which are available on their website.

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