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I recently received a pair of Comply Foam Plugs-ear buds that claim to cancel up to 15 decibels at a time. At first glance they appear stylish; they are bluish/black in color and small enough avoid any unwanted attention.

The most impressive feature is an innovative memory foam insert that supposedly molds to the inside of your ear. I tried these bad boys out at a concert last week and they worked quite well. The buds blocked out most of the loud noise that usually leaves my ears with a ringing, while not depriving me of a true musical experience.

However, I can see how some consumers may not be pleased by the size of the ear buds. They are rather small and might not fit a person who has a smaller ear canal. Regardless, if your like me and have normal sized ears, these buds will save your ear drums from loud sounds you might encounter at a music festival.

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