Super Bowl and Yogurt

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During this year's Super Bowl, the Dannon Company aired an effective advertisement for one of their yogurts. The product, Oikos Greek yogurt, was shown being consumed by both an attractive middle-aged female actress and actor John Stamos. The two sit at a table with one yogurt package between them. John Stamos teases the female actor with spoonfuls of yogurt, dangling it just out of reach of her mouth. Eventually, the female actor succumbs to her desire for yogurt and violently head-buts John Stamos in order to acquire the remaining yogurt. Having finally possessed the yogurt, the female actress gleefully consumes the remainder of the package.

This advertisement targets middle-aged men and women who are conscious of their body image, and concerned about the way members of the opposite sex perceive them. The needs of this target audience are evidently a tasteful and healthy snack alternative. Additionally, the target audience values physical fitness and the influence is has on the opposite sex. Through their advertisement, Oikos' value proposition can be associated with good health and overall product quality. Consumers are persuaded to view the yogurt as a delicious snack that's worth fighting for. This value proposition is effective due to the association consumers can make between the Oikos brand and the quality of their yogurt.

If the Dannon Company was to target a younger population with their Oikos yogurt product, they would need a drastically different advertisement. They could accomplish this in two different ways. First, kids care about the taste of the product more than anything else. An appropriate ad would feature a pre-teen child sneaking his parent's Oikos yogurt out of the fridge without them knowing. This would convey how obtaining Oikos yogurt is worth breaking the rules. A second advertisement might be targeted at mothers who are concerned about the health of their children. This advertisement could show a mother packing Oikos yogurt into her children's lunches, leading to her children removing and eating the yogurt once they were out of her sight. Unable to wait until lunchtime to eat their yogurt, this advertisement would send the message to children that Oikos yogurt is too good to wait for. It would also show mothers that their children were willing to eat a healthy snack over less healthy alternatives.

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