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After recently eating at Noodles & Company, I was disappointed in the quality of my food. I wrote them a letter expressing my discontent with their food. Below is what I said...

Dear Noodles and Company,

I have been periodically eating at your Hamline Avenue North location for the past eight months. I enjoy the items on your menu, the atmosphere inside your store, and the service I receive from your employees. However, on Monday the 19th of November I purchased a bowl of Penne Rosa pasta that failed to meet my high expectations. The mushrooms were undercooked, the tomatoes mushy and possibly rotten, and the noodles undercooked and bland in taste. After taking a few bites of this uncharacteristic dish, I brought it up to the register in order to politely notify the attendant that something was wrong with my Penne Rosa.

The employee at the register who had originally taken my order inspected my Penne Rosa and noted that she had found nothing wrong with it. I told her to look more closely at the sorry state of the mushrooms and tomatoes, but she insisted that nothing was out of the ordinary. When I asked her if I could receive another bowl, she refused and instead lectured me about how many customers complain in the hopes of receiving free food. She then told me that if I didn't like my Penne Rosa I could make it myself at home.

Like I said before, I enjoy eating at Noodles and Company. The food you serve is unique and affordable. My experience last Monday was truly bizarre, because I have always been treated to delicious dishes and excellent service at your Hamline Avenue North location. I simply wanted to inform you of the negative experience I had in order to allow you to improve upon your customer service. I have not yet returned to Noodles and Company after this occurrence, and I have not decided if I should visit another location or stop eating at Noodles and Company altogether. I am disappointed that this has happened, and I hope that the next time I decide to eat at Noodles and Company I will be satisfied with the dining experience.

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