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Born in 1990, Robert Ankeny grew up in a quiet Minneapolis suburb. Inspired by his love of gopher sports, Robert decided to attend the University of Minnesota, where he studies both strategic communications and business management as an undergraduate student. He has gained real world experience from his previous employment, which includes Target, Grandma's Bakery, the Good Day Café, and Lifetime Fitness.

Robert is the first-born son of John and Virginia Ankeny, and loyal brother to Johnny Ankeny. When he has free time he enjoys playing tennis, hockey, and other racquet sports. In addition, he often finds time to read fiction, run marathons, and actively engage in the social media world. Robert is also a contributing member to his local parish - Our Lady of Grace.

A diverse history of occupational experience has helped Robert develop a strong understanding of the importance of maintaining customer relationships and bringing a positive attitude and strong work ethic to the work place everyday. Specifically, his coordinated endeavors with Lifetime Fitness and Toyota Automotive Company yielded impressive sales results in the summer of 2010. Robert's uncanny ability to interpret the needs of prospective customers makes him an invaluable member of any company.

After college, Robert plans to continue his academic career in pursuit of a degree in either marketing or business. From there he plans to work in the competitive field of advertising.

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