Heritable Intelligence

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If intelligence was found to be heritable it would have drastic effects on our society. In the first place, people with parents who weren't intelligent would lack motivation and self-esteem. The simple knowledge that you were unintelligent would cause people to lose the will power to work hard and achieve goals. Secondly, policies would be formed that emphasized the demand for intelligent versus unintelligent people. Businesses that hired people would first look at the intelligence of a candidate's parents and so on. People would essentially be labeled and told what they could or couldn't do from the moment they were born. The nurture debate would most likely be disregarded in the process; instead people would be labeled as geniuses based on the intelligence levels of the parents. Social classes would become much more divided, with the lower class becoming even more separated from the intelligent upper class. In conclusion, a person's worth would be predetermined based on the achievements of their parents.

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