Letter to Mark Dayton

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Dear Governor Dayton,

Requiring all voters in the State of Minnesota to show photo identification is something that would help legitimize the voting process in our state. The clean voting record in Minnesota is refreshing when compared to the controversies that have arisen in other states. Pushing for the Minnesota Voter Identification Amendment will help secure honesty and legitimacy at Minnesota polls in the future.

Minnesota residents who are able to vote should have no problem presenting photo identification at the polls. We are often forced to show photo identification when making purchases with credit cards, buying alcohol, and boarding planes. The political importance of today's America validates the need to also show photo identification when we vote. Banning voters who lack valid photo identification helps prevent fraud at the polls and only allows politically informed individuals to vote. This amendment will help preserve Minnesota's honest poll history, and ensure that our future holds the same.

I am discouraged to find that you recently vetoed this amendment, and I would appreciate hearing back from you regarding your stance on this controversial issue. As governor of our state, I highly regard your political opinion.

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