Bottled Water Pilot Survey

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I recently participated in a pilot survey regarding the usage and perceptions of bottled water. The survey, sent to me via email from professor Ball, contained a series of questions asking me how frequently I consume bottled water, who makes bottled water available to me, and what my friends perception of bottled water is.

The wording of some of the questions was very misleading. A few of the questions were double-barreled in that they asked me two different questions at the same time. Questions such as these are difficult to answer and can pose problems when coding the survey results. I feel that the survey designer should have broken these questions up into separate questions instead of putting them together. This would have given the survey more clarity.

An example of one of the more misleading questions: Answer both of the following - How many times do you drink bottled water each month, and do you think that bottled water is preferable to tap water?

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