Importance of Validity

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In light of recent lectures on measuring the different types of validity when conducting research and surveys, I took it upon myself to expand upon the information found in the textbook and on lecture slides pertaining to validity.

What I concluded was that no matter how ingenius the construct may be in a particular research situation, it is essentially worthless if it cannot be operationalized and tested accordingly. For example, while it may be invaluable to discover if a relationship exists between alcohol use and social skills amongst college undergraduates, these two constructs (alcohol use and social skills) are difficult to operationalize, and thus difficult to validate in a research study. Without measurable variables, studies lack sufficient validity and can be disregarded. Essentially, the inability to operationalize constructs or ideas will make the process of designing a survey or research method almost impossible. The following source outlines different obstacles that arise when attempting to operationalize different research constructs.

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