Diverse Learning Survey

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I was recently asked to participate in a survey which was designed to find out about the different academic experiences that college kids have during their college careers. Below is the invitation to the survey directly from the email that i received..

I like the way the questions in this survey were worded. They are not misleading or spontaneous in ordering. This survey was well-designed and this makes it easy to complete. I also feel that the way they ordered the questions helps people taking the survey provide more rational responses.

The University of Minnesota Twin Cities is participating in a national survey about college students. Conducted by the Higher Education Research Institute at UCLA, this survey asks your opinion on many items relevant to examining the impact of college. Every year, students from college and universities across the country are asked to participate in the same survey. It asks about your academic work, your interaction with faculty and peers, your participation in campus activities, your perceptions of the climate on campus, and your use of campus services.

Results from this survey are used by faculty and administrators at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities and by higher education researchers to understand and improve the undergraduate college experience.

A random drawing of survey respondents will identify 30 winners to receive gift cards worth $50 from the campus bookstore.

The website for this survey is: https://www.drcsurveys.com/DLE2013/et.aspx?Logon=K8ZWYTT

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