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Midtown Public Market Madness

When I work to define something, even if it's from my own experience, I'm drawn to look at textbook and dictionary definitions. I'm not sure why, but I think it's a self audit. A way of telling myself how correct I am. I think today though, I'm going to forego this and speak my impressions. My lecture was asked to define energy in respect to the Midtown Public Market. I had a difficult time getting to the Midtown Market, and I think it's going to affect my definition.
When I was at the Market, I was immediately struck with the state of energy around me. The people, the rain, the cars moving outside. I saw the potential for energy when things were standing still, and the expression of energy when things were in motion again. My belief is that the energy to do something is all around us. Sometimes it's active, moving, changing form. Othertimes, and most times it's standing still, like it's waitng for something. I would have to define energy then as the state of being. Either the energy is active, or it is potential.
In my traveling to the Midtown Market, there was a lot of traffic. Things were moving very slowly. I'm not going to say that there was a lack of energy, only that there was a lot of potential energy that wasn't being expressed. By contrast the rain, and the people in the rain were always moving, always active, always expressing.
I don't think that this energy is created, I think it is always there. We always have opportunities to express and move, but I also might use energy to make someone's day better. I could buy them lunch or make a piece of art for them. If I did then I think I would be giving them energy. This exchange would allow them to go and give energy to others.
Energy can be changed by time also. If you want to observe a lot of potential energy, go to the Midtown Market during rush hour. If you want to observe more active energy, go there when events are happening.