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Finding a feeling and not walking very far to find it. Genius Loci

Every place I go has an immediate impact on how I feel and how I respond. My favorite places are the ones that give me feelings and responses I like. My back yard is probably the most meaningful place to me. As soon as I step through the sliding door, it fills my senses and beckons my interest.

Sound, sound, sound is the first thing I notice. I hear the wind chimes, I hear people in the distance, I hear the water. The water running is so peaceful. I hear the birds, I hear trees hitting each other and leaves falling.

The next thing I notice is the smell. I smell the water, the leaves, and it's a very earthy, very tranquil smell. The sound stays the same wherever I go, but the smell is very different wherever I go. Faint odors get stronger in one direction, and weaker in one direction. The smell changes with the seasons.

The last thing I try to trust is my vision. I don't often trust my eyes because they tell me things I know cannot be true. My eyes tell me that my back yard is the same as it was yesterday, the day before that, the week before that. My eyes are so short sighted that they cannot see the changes in light and life that happen. However, they are interested by the back yard. The sculptures, the metal, the rust, the fountain, the pond, the fish, the plants, the wood, the earth, the grass, the paint, the elevation, the shape, the line, the form.

It is a refuge. It's a spiritually peaceful place. It's also a place that can be quantitatively measured. The amound of water, the number of trees, the ground area, the number of boards, the number of sculptures, the facing and mass of all things.

i will get some pictures and post them at a later time.