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What is a Technopoly?

A technopoly to me is a situation where a technology has outpaced itself. Right now, much of our society is overly dependent on technology because much of our society works with very technical infrastructure. A technology outpaces itself when society cannot exist without it. This sounds a little extreme, but we need to consider what would happen if we were to suddenly lose the technology we have. What would happen to our society and our way of life if we were all to be without electricity for a month, two months, six months, maybe even a year. Society is precariously perched upon electricity and many people aren't prepared to live in a "time of technological drought," so to speak. I think this idea is important as it relates to laws of nature. Ecosystems where a food source or habitat is quickly removed often times leads to the removal of organisms from that environment. Survival of the fitest can turn into survival of the most adaptable. I believe that people, like all organisms, seek comfort and a consistent lifestyle. It allows us to live and to survive. I think if we were forced to adapt quickly such as in the case of lacking electricity, it would cause casualties. Government control would be extremely difficult. Many people would not be able to communicate and work. Humans aren't in biological competition with any other organisms on earth except ourselves, so there would be crime as a result shortages and scarcity. Technopoly to me means that if we were to lose the current level of technology, we wouldn't be able to adapt quickly or efficiently enough to avoid casualties.

I will follow up with pictures shortly and more comments shortly.