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Reserve-able rooms outside of department

Other Conference Facilities around the University

Campus Club
The Campus Club, located on the fourth floor of Coffman Union, has conference facilities available, but individuals or groups must have a membership in order to reserve space.  Applied Economics has a departmental membership and you may get the membership number from Missy or Karen.   The Campus Club will apply all charges to the default chart string associated with the department's membership number.  An alternate chart string will need to be given to Phay in order for the charges to be transferred to the appropriate account.  The Campus Club space and information on reservations can be found at

Cargill Building
The large seminar room (105), atrium and smaller conference rooms in Cargill Building are available for reservation on a first come, first served basis, with preference given to units in the College of Biological Sciences and CFANS.  The contact in Cargill for room reservations is Sandesh Nicol and she can be reached at  Information on the various rooms in Cargill is listed on their website:

Office of Classroom Management
To reserve any of the classrooms in Ruttan Hall or elsewhere, go to the Classroom Management website at and click on "Schedule a Classroom."  The website offers information on the room set-up, capacity and A/V equipment.

Coffey Hall Conference Rooms
There are several reserve-able conference rooms in Coffey Hall, which are controlled by different units.  None of the rooms have A/V equipment, so a reservation of departmental equipment would be necessary.

Rooms 120, 125, and 198 hold 30, 30 and 20 people respectively, and are controlled by the Registrar's Office.  These rooms can be reserved through Google calendar.

Room 190N holds about 10 people and is controlled by CFANS Student Affairs.  This room is also reserved through Google.

Room 220 is a very nice conference room that holds about 20 people and includes a screen.  This room is controlled by Extension.  In order to reserve this space, contact Peggy Undem at .

Continuing Education and Conference Center (formerly Earle Brown)
The Conference Center on the St. Paul campus offers a variety of meeting spaces as well as catering services.  More information can be found here:

McNamara Alumni Center
To view and reserve space at McNamara, visit .

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