December 13, 2005

Final Response

I really enjoyed this class as a whole. We covered a lot of very interesting topics that I knew little about. I thought it was fun to work in group environments where everyone from the class was involved in some way or another. I felt like I really got to know other class members as well as the professor. The interaction was great and I feel this class will be a great help in my future endeavors.

I thought the group presentation assignments were the most beneficial to me on a personal level. They allowed me to better interact with people while finding out personal strengths and weaknesses. It was interesting to have a different team lead for each assignment and see how individual group members went about leading in their own way. Working in groups is a skill that will be very beneficial down the road and this concept simply isn't practiced enough.

I really have no suggestions for future classes. At times however, some of the blog entries seemed a little dull and pointless. All the in class discussions and assignments were great and I would keep them the same.

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Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is an important aspect to the well-being of an individual. Far too often people work on weakenesses that they can physically see. People tend to ignore what really matters, which is our emotional side. Emotional intelligence is what allows people to adjust and become a unique indivual. I really enjoyed reading Goleman's Working With Emotional Intelligence and thought it really opened my eyes to a new side of intelligence.

What's important to me is beening able to relate to others while also having my own thoughts and actions be in allign. Without a proper understanding of what emotional intelligence is, I would have trouble keeping these things together. Understandins as well as being aware of emotional intelligence is a key to success in life when not only dealing with others but also dealing with yourself.

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December 5, 2005


I think that everyone at some point in their life has been in a rut like Mary Jane. I know that I have been in a rut and sometimes these ruts are very hard to get out of. I believe that the best way to get out of the rut that you are in is to keep a positve attitude find ways to mix up your routine. I think that ruts are many times created because people get caught up with doing the same thing day in and day out. They become bored with their routine and need something fun and exciting to get them out of this routine. Fish really hit home with me when they talked about Pike's Fish Market. It seemed like such a fun place to not only work but also to experience. I think that going to fun and exciting places as well as having things to look forward to help poeple get out of ruts.

I think that I could be more open to change both when I'm in a rut or not. Many times I try to hide from change and don't like it at first but when I give it a chance I seem to really enjoy it. It all starts with having a good positive attitude and being open to change. You never know what kind of experiences lay ahead of you and being able to adapt is essential to coping with what life throws at you.

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Hybrid Cars

I Believe that hybrid cars have tipped and are on the edge of really taking off. Hybrid cars have been around for a while now but really seem to be gaining momentum. With the increasing price of gas, consumers are starting to seek automobiles that will give them greater gas mileage. Hybrib cars are now being manufactured by many different companies and are readily available at numerous dealerships. People are also becoming more concerned with the environment and are for the first time in history, starting to make decisions that will directly benefit the environment in which we live in. This is a trend that seems to be here to stay and in time these cars will be all over the road.

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November 22, 2005

Tipping Point

Chapter 4 of Tipping Point really caught my attention. I thought the story of Bernie Goetz and the subway shootings was very interesting. I never knew the kind of trouble that New York City was in during the 1980's. I always viewed the city as a clean and very respectable place. It was amazing to read how the city went about ridding the streets of crime and how they turned New York City around. It really inspired me and gave me hope that things that are wrong can be fixed. I know that this world is filled with many awful things and many times there seems to be no way out but this particular chapter gave numerous examples of how things can be changed for the better. It also made me realize how one person can have a dramatic affect on thousands of people which is also very inspiring.

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November 19, 2005

Teach the Class

I was the team leader for our teach the class presentation and I felt that it went really well. My group decided to educate our class on Six Sigma. Six Sigma was a topic that I knew little about and doing this assignment helped me gain great knowledge on the topic. I felt that my communication and social skills were a great help to my group. I also thought that I brought a fun attitude to our group meetings. I could have done a better job at helping other group members with their individual roles and worked harder to motivate them. Overall however, I felt that our group presentation was a success and I will definately build off my experiences in future group environments.

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October 30, 2005

Virtual Teams

The virtual team experience was both informing and new. I had no previous experience using virtual teams and learned a lot from the meeting. My group seemed to have fun trying new ideas and we eventually got things accomplished. I learned that virtual teams can be a great way to work where group members are in various locations. You can connect with others all across the world which in turn can save a company money and time. I thought the experience I gained may be helpful in my future endeavors.

Breeze was very easy to use which helped make my first time virtual meeting a success. With very few complications, my group was able get in a chat room and work to get things done. I would recommend the Breeze program to anyone interested in using virtual teams.

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October 10, 2005

5 disfunctional roles

I think the role of the controller is the most problematic for me. I tend to worry that I will get to caught up in trying to make sure other group members are on task which can eventually lead to a controlling atmosphere. My ultimate goal is to get the task at hand accomplished worry that from time to time I do it in a controlling manner. I don't think that I have to have it my way but sometimes feel that unless someone takes charge things simply don't get done. Controllers tend to dominate, give orders, and are very selfish. All these qualities are things that I don't want myself to have and therefore tend to worry most about being a controlling group member.

I think the best way to not fall into this role is to trust and except what others have to offer. If you really concentrate on what other group members are saying, you will realize that other opinions will help make the job more enjoyable. It is also important to be aware of the type of person you are so you can take a step back and realize what you can offer and what you can't. If being a controller is something that hinders you, make sure you realize this and in time you can fix your fault.

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September 28, 2005

blog 4

Mission Statement
To live life to the fullest with a passion for myself, others, and my professional career. To continue to improve in all facets of life to make myself a better person while being a positive, hard working, and loyal role model.
My personal mission statement was fairly easy to create with the help of the in class assignment. It was fun to take a look at my life and try to pinpoint a mission statement. As a team member, I think my statement means that I can bring a true passion for the task at hand while also encouraging and helping others. I really believe that you have to have a real passion for something in order to do it well. In my career this couldn't be more true. The poeple that play baseball with the same passion they had when they were kids are the ones that seem to flurish.

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September 15, 2005

Third blog entry

In my field of interest which is currently baseball, their are many characteristics that effect my team. In order for a team to function at a high level, everyone must have a common goal in mind. In baseball, that common goal is winning. The team must have a win at all costs attitude and find ways to get everyone on the same track. Individuals must not get caught up on personal statistics and focus fully on the team. Anytime a team member gets off track someone must bring that persons' focus back in line with where the team wants to go. It is very evident which teams are fully together and which ones are apart by simply observing how the players interact with one another.

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