Top 5 Places You Can Find Dylan Munchin'

Howdy Everyone!
I've got food on my mind (but not in my belly) so I thought I might write a bit about my top five favorite places to eat around campus, starting with number five.

5. Z-Pizza

If I've got class in five minutes at University Square and I need something quick and delicious, Z-Pizza is what I usually stop to get. They always have slices of their hand-made organic pizza waiting to be eaten so you almost never have to wait. Plus the selection of their delightful pizza is different every day, so you never have to eat the same pizza two days in a row.

4. Dooley's Pub
Dooley's would probably be higher on my list if I was 21, because it is definitely the place to be on a Saturday night. Dooley's has a great atmosphere. Good music is always playing, the waitresses and waiters are generally polite, and the lighting makes the place comfortable. You can find me at Dooley's after 10 o'clock pm, when their appetizers drop in price. I always get the buffalo wings when I go to Dooley's because I am a buffaloholic.

3. Salad Brothers Café and Deli
Today it's a little chilly outside (Of course it is, we're in MN!) And I'm thinking it's a soup day. Where can I get the best soup for my money? Salad Brothers! With a wide selection of soup ranging from Clam Chowder to (my favorite) Minnesota Wild Rice, you are sure to find a soup you will love. And if soup isn't your thing they've got great sandwiches and salads as well. The best part about it all is the FREE BREADSTICKS that come with every order. And let me tell you, they make great breadsticks. OH! I almost forgot about the Cinnamon buns! Every morning they bake 'em fresh and they cost under three bucks! In my opinion they have the best buns in town.

2. Newt's
If you are looking to eat some burger than look no further. Newt's has been voted the number one burger place in Rochester many times, and for good reason. They simply have delicious burgers. Delicious. Huge. Burgers . What more do you need? I'll tell you. Every time I've been to Newt's I've had excellent service. My drinks never run dry and the waiter always asks if there is anything he can do. What's more is that Newt's doesn't have to be a sit down thing. They have a Newt's Express restaurant in the skyway system that will get you a good burger super-fast.

1. Mac's Café
And here sits Mac's Café, at the top of my list. I may be a little biased towards Mac's because it was the first place I took my girlfriend Alison on a date (Awwww) but it seriously has some great food. Located right on peace plaza, this family owned restaurant is pretty much right up next to campus. Mac's Specializes in American/Greek Comfort food, so right away you know it's going to be great. So far I've only ordered three different meals from Mac's, because I fell in love with the third one I tried (the Greek Burger) and that's all I get there now. The Greek burger is a beautiful thing, covered in tomatoes, onions, and tzaziki cucumber sauce and tastes like it is made from unicorn meat. They also have fantastic meatloaf and tuna sandwiches. Of course they have gyros as well, if that is your thing. To end off a meal at Mac's I always get some banana cream pie, which is the best way to end any meal in my humble opinion.
Anyways, writing all that made me hungry so I'm gonna go get some soup!



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