UMR's Flash Mob!

Yesterday, I was able to cross one big thing off of my bucket list: to witness a flash mob. Thirty of UMR's nursing, BSHS, and BSHP students surprised every one at the Shops at University Square (the 2nd floor of UMR's building) when they broke out in dance at 2:00 to a Whitney Houston tribute song. The music blasted over the mall speakers and everyone began clapping and dancing. The best part was that some professors even participated! The local new station also came out to watch the students dance and they were on the Rochester news later that night. It was really fun to watch, and really well choreographed by two students from the UMR Dance Team, Hannah and Liz. Also, a huge amount of UMR faculty came to watch and video tape the event, even our Chancellor came down to watch. The entire dance lasted about 5 minutes, but it was a nice break from a busy Monday afternoon!

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