Looking for Something to Do? Check this Out!

As you may have noticed, things shut down early in Rochester, especially on the weekends. At times it can get a little tricky to find something to do, but no worries, I have your back! Rochester isn't as sleepy as it seems when you get a little inventive. There are quite a few options:

1. Check out the YMCA. It's amazing how many different kinds of classes they provide! From
belly dancing to karate, there is something for everyone. If you can't make it to the classes,
there is always the pool and waterslide or the workout room. Get a group of people
together and make a night of it!
2. If the Y is closed, head to the park. When it's nice out a game of Frisbee, soccer, dodge
ball, or volleyball can be a ton of fun. In the winter there is sledding, snowman making, and
snow ball fights.
3. If it's raining, check in at 318 Commons. Chances are one of your friends is looking for
something to do too! Have a movie night, or get a whole bunch of people together to play
board games like Apples to Apples or Twister. If you are in the second floor lounge there's
ping-pong or the Wii too.
4. If you haven't had a chance to check out the skyway and subway, go for a walk. There are
some pretty interesting stores and places to eat.
5. Take a trip to the library. It's a great place to study, but they also have movies and music
you can check out. They also have speakers and events every now and then; you just have
to keep an eye out. If you find yourself with some extra time, check out a book on just
about any topic.
6. Peace Plaza anyone? Between University Square and the Peace Plaza there is an event
almost every weekend.
7. Anything happening at the Civic Center? Chances are, yes. They usually have something,
from concerts to plays to craft shows.
8. Go for a ride on the bike trails. You could bike, roller blade, or walk. They go all over town
and can take you just about anywhere.
9. Find a hidden spot. In the middle of downtown, nestled between Mayo buildings, there are
raised areas that have been filled in with grass, benches, and ground lights. They are
perfect for getting some fresh air or going over your class material.
10. Volunteer. There are tons of places that take volunteers like the Ronald McDonald
House, or United Way.
11. Walk over to the mall. It's a pretty short walk from the commons and there are tons of
things to check out. Plus, on the way, you walk past Chipotle, the Dollar Store, Hy-vee,
Toys R Us, and Bakers Square.
12. Speaking of Bakers Square, look into free pie Wednesdays. You won't regret it!
13. If you bring your student ID, Paragon, a local movie theater, offers movies for $5.50
14. Go to a sports game. RCTC, Rochester's community college, has tons of sports
including football and lacrosse. So, if you are feeling like watching a game, head on over
to RCTC and see what's going on!
15. Join a UMR club! Or... create one of your own! It only takes three people, so if there is
something you feel like UMR is missing, get a couple of friends together and start a club.

These are just a few ideas! The more creative you are, the more fun it tends to be. Grab some friends, grab a camera, and see where you end up!

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