Sand Volleyball, Kickball, AND Ultimate Frisbee

First of all, I would like to extend a big welcome to all of the incoming freshman as well as the returning upperclassmen! The school year is officially back in session. As part of a new school year, come new activities for welcome week. A few of the activities I attended were sand volleyball, kickball, and ultimate Frisbee, not all in the same day (I'm not in that good of shape).

The first activity I attended was the kickball game held at Soldier's Field. We had a good turnout, complete with fans in the audience cheering us on. I was in charge of kickball so I got to lay down the law when the freshman got out of hand. Just kidding! We really have a great group of freshmen this year and I'm excited to get to know them better. It was a battle for 1st place but luckily my team was from Comeback City and we were able to pull through with the victory. Whoop Whoop!


After kickball, I journeyed over to the intense game of ultimate Frisbee. Thankfully they let me play, even if my Frisbee throwing abilities are lacking. The game was very fun and I learned about a play called trenches which is used to completely throw off the other team. I must say that my team did an awesome job of completing trenches properly.

Most recently, there was a sand volleyball event at the YMCA. This was a blast because everyone got along very well and it was competitive. We had plenty of people attend so we were able to make a few different teams with a variety of skill levels. I now have great respect for sand volleyball Olympians like Misty May and Kerri Walsh because it is very challenging to jump in sand. Although none of the UMR students are up to Olympic standard yet, I saw plenty of potential for greatness in intramural volleyball. Everyone should start making teams now because the Volley Llamas (my team from last year) will be back for revenge on the indoor court this year.

Thanks to everyone who attended these welcome week activities! And once again, welcome to the University of Minnesota-Rochester.

Stay snazzy everyone.

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